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Hands Of Despair – Hereafter Award winner

Hands Of Despair
by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 16 June 2015, 11:47 PM

There are bands that born like a side project of some musicians. But with time, the projects become too important that they are turned into full time bands. And in this case, there are many names into Metal that fits perfectly in definition. But few are the cases when these bands release very good works that can astonish the ones who hear their albums. And this is the case of Canadian quintet HANDS OF DESPAIR, a project that became a fully band and releases their work, “Hereafter”.

Born as a musical project of guitarist Maxime Côté, the quintet plays what we can call as Progressive Black Metal, so we can say that it’s a brutal form of music, with very aggressive grasp, but full of melodies and harmonies, and some experimental insight that turns this album a fine experience for our ears. Very good vocals that use a low grunt approach than high tunes shrieks (but they exist in some moments, when needed), and with some clean ones (both male and female), powerful and worked riffs (using heavy and aggressive approach sometimes, and on other ones, a more melodic and introspective form), and a heavy and technical rhythmic session. Yes, this is a very good band that makes elegant and brutal, but very tasteful, form of music, that sometimes is fast, and other times, slower and bitter.

The sound quality is good, clear enough for us to comprehend their work, but giving the necessary weight their music needs. And as their musical focus is far away from SWOBM bands, they can have this clearer insight that helps a lot their music to flow in
a very good way.

With all their six songs longing more than seven minutes, their music floes naturally, using their elements in their due time. But as the greater moments, you can hear the aggressive and harsh “Shattered Memories” (some excellent and catching guitar riffs, and great vocals, with a great dynamic between the tempos), the excellent “Them” (with some keyboards creating a somber and sinister feeling, amongst very good guitar work), and the hazardous and well-worked “Creator” (a masterpiece full of very good work done by bass guitar and drums, along with tempting riffs and very good vocals)

Very good album!


4 Star Rating

1. The Departure
2. Shattered Memories
3. Them
4. Underworld
5. Creator
6. The Road
Jeff Mott – Vocals
Maxime Côté – Guitars
Alexandre Primeau – Guitars
Francois-Xavier Jodoin – Bass
Etienne Gallo – Drums
Record Label: Deathbound Records


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