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Hangatyr - Elemente Award winner

by Emily Coulter at 02 February 2014, 12:51 AM

Cold riffs, mythological lyrics and dark German Black Metal is the product of Thuringian metallers HANGATYR. Germany is known for breeding some amazing musicians but HANGATYR deserves a spot in that list for sure, being signed to Nocturnal Empire they have worked harder than any other band since their formation which shows in their debut release ''Elemente''.

''Elemente'' is the intro track of the album which follows by the same name which certainly gets you prepared for the ghoulish mystery of the later songs of the album but the sheer heaviness it breaks into when ''Die Sprache Der Zwolf'' begins is certainly a surprise. HANGATYR have produced a song to rival bands such as GORGOROTH and MAYHEM with how much doom is incorporated due to how brutal Silvio's vocals are with his wide vocal range. Michael is impressive on the drums despite the excessive use of blast beats which only makes the melodic Black Metal guitar playing of Tele and Ali sound much better. By the half-way point the song breaks away from its Dark Metal roots and into some slow Doom Metal followed by an acoustic guitar but HANGATYR can't stay away from the deep black metal for long.

Opened up by loud distorted guitars ''Eisenwald'' has a 2nd wave Black Metal feel to it which constantly improves throughout the song. Melodic but as heavy as Death Metal, the drum fills are faster than ever courtesy of Michael which accompanies the fast riffs from Ali which sounder darker than anything produced before which is made even better with the solo at 2.45 which seems to last for the rest of the song. ''Eisenwald'' is an easy song to enjoy which is catchy from the moment it begins, showing how well the band work together. Even if you don't understand the German language used in the lyrics you know that Silvio is singing about some very dark mythological things in ''Zwischen Dern Ufern''. HANGATYR have created a blackened Doom Metal track at its best though it could be seen as disappointing compared to over songs of the album. Tele and Ali's guitar work is unremarkable and nothing of that standard could be done by another band but the best part of the track is how Silvio's vocals sound exactly like a demon from the pits of hell.

Repetitive blast beats are the only way to describe ''Zersetzung'' with the drums sounding like a jack hammer in road works but it's not necessarily a bad thing when making a typical Black Metal track. Silvio's vocals sound like a demon from ''Dante's Inferno'' which is entertaining to hear amongst such melodic guitars and bass. Sadly ''Zersetzung'' has something missing to make it as good as the other songs, no doubt it's well created but it could not live up to a song like ''Eisenwald''. If you urgently need a name for a black metal song it will entice the words: grimm and frost, that's exactly what HANGATYR did. ''Grimmfrost'' with its Death Metal riffs is not typical to its Black Metal roots but is a high influence there even if it does have some power metal riffs occurring. Silvio opens up the song with an almighty screech from his lungs but his vocals are nothing special to be followed though the guitars throughout the album constantly get better with the forever changing speeds of the album. Remove the bass, vocals and drums and keep the guitars then ''Gelobt Und Gejabt'' is a perfect song with its melodies and tempo's. Ali and Tele have taken centre stage in the band with how beautifully melodic the blackened riffs are throughout the song which is roughened up by Silvio in vocals. Ali's solo at 1.15 is distinguishably haunting for the listener which you wish would carry on throughout.

Penultimate track ''Sie Vergessen Nicht'' is as dramatic as gets on ''Elemente'' with Silvio's vocals hitting a higher range, Michael's drumming being less simplistic though his blast beats sound close to a jack hammer and the guitarists take a back seat though the harmonies they produce are still impressive. ''Sie Vergessen Nicht'' is pure Germen Metal with Heavy / Thrash influences embedded within. HANGATYR bounce back on the final track with dark, distorted guitars on ''Ruckzug'' and Silvio's vocals sound more evil than ever before. The German metal heads have re-invented 2nd wave Black Metal which MAYHEM would burn a church over out of envy with how good ''Ruckzug'' is. Guitarists and bassists work together along with the blast beating drummer to create a song that would be a soundtrack for your journey to hell.

''Elemente'' is a perfect Black Metal album which HANGATYR should be proud of. The production quality highlights how talented each member, this release will easily get them noticed by Black Metal heavy weights. If you want 1st/2nd wave Black Metal in your life with a mystical modern edge then this album is the soundtrack to it. 

5 Star Rating

1. Elemente
2. Die Sprache Der Zwolf
3. Eisenwald
4. Zwischen Dern Ufern
5. Zersetzung
6. Grimmfrost
7. Gelobt Und Gejagt
8. Sie Vergessen Nicht
9. Ruckzug
Silvio - Vocals
Tele – Guitar and Vocals
Ali – Guitar
Marco – Bass
Michael – Drums
Record Label: Independent


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