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Hanging Garden - At Every Door Award winner

Hanging Garden
At Every Door
by Cameron Ervin at 10 January 2013, 3:36 PM

HANGING GARDEN is a very interesting band to say the least. “At Every Door” has an extremely robust and bombastic sound throughout the entire album. From the slow strum of the guitars and deep harsh vocals to the awe inspiring clean vocal harmonic passages that make you want to close your eyes and let your imagination sore along with the music, HANGING GARDEN is not band that can be described with simple words. If you are searching for virtuoso guitar work or fast tempos you are looking in the wrong place.

This band takes a different approach to the whole “metal” idea. The instrumentation is not anything to get excited about and usually that would be a strike against a band but somehow HANGING GARDEN seems to pull off an amazing album with extremely simple instrument work. They seem to have a very slow and doomy pace over the entire album but I found myself never losing interest each time I put this record on for listening. Although there aren’t any flash solos or amazing percussion sequences each member of the band seems to play their instrument solidly. Each instrument is audible and holds an equal presence in each track. The keyboards on this album are done perfectly in my opinion, they aren’t overwhelming and they aren’t buried beneath the rest of the music. On this album the keyboards fill the spaces in between which aids in creating the huge full sound this record possesses. If you do go as far as to listen to a few songs from this band make sure you have a good pair of head phones on while you do this. They may sound big coming out of some computer speakers but if you want to hear what this album was meant to sound like invest in some quality head phones. While listening to “At Ever Door” with noise canceling head phones on I found myself swallowed up by their enormous enveloping sound.

Good music, to me, creates an atmosphere that can take the listener on a journey to a different place, music that seems to make your imagination drift to new and uncharted places. HANGING GARDEN is a band that does just that.

4 Star Rating

1. Ten Thousands Cranes
2. Ash and Dust
3. Hegira
4. Wormwood
5. At Every Door
6.  The Cure
7. Evenfall
8. To End All Ages
Jussi Kirves- Bass
Jussi Hämäläinen- Guitars
Mikko Kolari- Guitars
Antti Ruokola- Drums
Toni Toivonen- Vocals,
Nino Hynninen– Keyboards
Record Label: Lifeforce Records


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