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Happily Ever Blind - You Are Dead Award winner

Happily Ever Blind
You Are Dead
by Justin "Witty City" Wittenmeier at 12 March 2018, 3:57 AM

You Are Dead” is an EP, and overall fourth recording, from these Finland rockers.  For just a short, five track run, this album contains a surprising amount of variety.   “Saturnalia” opens with a slick riff and bouncy, funky bass riff, courtesy of Johnny and Janne respectively.  This song sounds like something from the 90’s on a grunge radio, if grunge radio ever played good music with talent.   The middle part of the song has a great section of just the bass and vocals working together.  Johnny’s vocals are very spastic; he is constantly changing his style, octave, range, and just about anything else one can use as a vocalist.  Basically, he is a non-extreme metal version of Dani Filth, but not as corny or in your face.

Strawman,” has a groove riff that just begs to have the volume turned to eleven.  Once again, the bass is a highlight and it doesn’t always follow the same rhythm of the guitar. Often times, it seems the band itself are all on four different paths but they still connect as one.  They have a unique way of playing and it really shows their talent and willingness to experiment. “You Are Dead,” has an odd sort of sound and style to it.  I’m getting a really old school vibe….some sort of combination of swing and old rock and roll.  It is hard to describe but it’s so goddamn good.  The catchiest song on the EP.

Grinding Bones” and “Yggdrasil” are both heavy hitters with a keen sense of melody.  “Grinding Bones,” as you would imagine by its title, has some great pile driving riffs while “Yggdrasil,” is an odd ball combination of punk, funk, rock, metal, and even some Weird Al style vocals but it doesn’t rock any less than the four before it. This EP was quite the surprise and a real pleasure to listen to.  This band plays whatever the hell it wants to but always play it with style, fervor, and energy that most bands can only dream of.

Songwriting: 9
Originality: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 10

4 Star Rating

1. Saturnalia
2. Strawman
3. You Are Dead
4.  Grinding Bones
5. Yggdrasil
Johnny E – Vocals, Guitar
Janne Mikkola – Bass
Jon Lawless – Drums
llpo Kauppinen – Lead Guitar
Record Label: Realm Records


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