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Hard Resistance – Retrospective

Hard Resistance
by OverlyMetalJames at 20 December 2014, 9:31 PM

Greetings earthlings and headbangers all over the wall, I bring you another review of the latest edition of Metal Temple and here to deliver the goods that will rip the very flesh off your face! I instantly became a HARD RESISTANCE fan when listening to this masterpiece of brutality. I had no clue of this band’s existence until only a matter of a few days ago, and I love this complication album that celebrates their 20th year of being a band.

Both discs contain ten songs each and each one packs a punch that kicks you right in the balls. “Bag Of Trash” is a great way to start, as it’s a super in your face and a real tight-arse to mosh to. It truly delivers and Ron Bruynsells is a superb talent, imagine DISCHARGE and PANTERA, DRI screwing each other having a threesome and that is your result!

The first disc is a powerhouse of brutality loaded with riffs and phenomenal musicianship. Now lets take into account that this is a Crossover band which is a combination of Crust Punk, Hardcore Punk and of course Thrash Metal. The songs on both discs flow very nicely and are well balanced, especially when you hit the halfway mark on the record and “Out Of Credits” which is on Disc 2 is a perfect example of that as its fittingly different from “Bag Of Trash” and “Who Pays Your Bills”; I love just how in your face and violently intense the vocals are from Ron; he is a beast!

My favourite song on the record is on Disc 2; “Chaotic Worldwide Insanity” this definitely has that DISCHARGE vibe to it, and briskly yanks out your heart from your chest whilst your enemy holds it in their hands and oozes blood from the mosh pits itself! Fast loud and proud this is a great way to celebrate a planet sized milestone for such legends, I have to say this is one hell of a best-of album and fans need to BUY OR DIE!!

3 Star Rating

1. Bag Of Trash
2. Stand Back
3. Wake Up
4. Humanity
5. Who Pays Your Bills
6. Sad Reality
7. Religion
8. Just A Fake
9. Friendship
10. Respect

1. Out Of Credits
2. Release The Brakes
3. Parasite
4. Engine Of Hate
5. Run For The Door
6. Tonight
7. Scratched
8. On Your Knees
9. New World Order
10. Chaotic Worldwide Insanity
Pascal Berckvens - Bass Guitar
Ron Bruynsells - Vocals
Kris Stickers - Guitar
Joel Decoster - Drums
Record Label: W.T.F. Records


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