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H.A.R.D – Time Is Waiting For No One

Time Is Waiting For No One
by Maria Kallinikou at 01 March 2010, 10:03 PM

Having the new album of these Hungarian lads filled me with curiosity, as their last album "Traveller" already then, left me with a wonder of how will their next work sound like. Almost a couple of years later, "Time Is Waiting For No One" is here from Escape Music. As the band had made its cooperation with Beau Hill known, who did re-master some of the tracks from "Traveller", I was left believing that this new release will be produced by Beau Hill. Apparently it seems that this was not the case and moreover Bjφrn Lodin is taking the place of Zoltan Baltky-Valentin in vocals.

As "Traveller" was something like a tribute to the influences of H.A.R.D., "Time Is Waiting For No One" moves slightly ahead. This album is more in the AOR line, sometimes scratched with heavy AC/DC influences. "Magical Pretence" is the only track from this album that makes the DEEP PURPLE/early WHITESNAKE signs more than obvious. Bjφrn Lodin's voice seems that is more capable in fitting in each song and moreover the band is making it clear through all the album that is consisted of talented musicians, who still cannot find the middle line between the meaning of ‘being influenced by’ and ‘being able to add my own style’. Yes, again it is parts and pieces of songs that you heard somehow before. But, is H.A.R.D. the only ones that do this? No, but they do it quite intensively.

Maybe Beau Hill did not take over the production, but this release has a nifty production, for the style they are presenting. The arrangements are up to par. Compliments to Bjφrn Lodin for the cracking delivering. This album, despite its influences, is full of soothing melodies, bluesy lines, and rocking sound. Ideal for a car trip.

I was always wondering how hard is for a band nowadays to come up with a decent cover. Is it because in the era of iTunes and free downloading, who will be the one that will pay attention to the cover? Making a good cover for your album, is not like making production arrangements. Surely it does not cost that much.

3 Star Rating

  1. Nona
  2. Time Is Waiting For No One
  3. Shine On Me Now
  4. The Pace And The Flow
  5. 4 Leaf Clover
  6. Magical Pretence
  7. Black Clouds
  8. Lonesome Loneliness
  9. Into The Fire
  10. My Kind Of Woman
  11. Love Goes With Anything
Bjφrn Lodin – Vocals, Guitars
Zsolt Csillik – Guitars
Gΰbor Mirkovics - Bass
Balazs Hornvΰk – Drums
Zsolt Vamos - Guitars
Record Label: Escape Music


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