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Hardcore Superstar - You Can't Kill My Rock n Roll

Hardcore Superstar
You Can't Kill My Rock n Roll
by V. Srikar at 19 August 2018, 5:56 PM

You know that you are dealing with some fairly mainstream stuff in metal, when the band that you are listening to has its own Wikipedia page. So according to Wiki, Hardcore Superstar is a hard rock band from Gothenburg, Sweden. The band was formed in 1997. The folks will release their 11th studio album "You Can't Kill My Rock n Roll" this September 21st, and it looks promising.

The album starts with a 3 min small number titled “ADHD”. With strong sensual vocals, the song starts on to become a party rock song, with very teenage rebelliousness driven lyrics. Its Glam Rock meets Heavy Metal for the modern 2018 Metal crowd. The cheesily titled “Electric Rider” has even more cheesy lyrics, and the music is some great Hard Rock stuff reminiscent of AIRBOURNE and WASP, but bringing its own uniqueness to the table. In “My SanctuaryJoakim Berg brings in the Axl Rose influence with his fast paced sharp clean screaming vocals. “Hit Me Where It Hurts” is a perfect anthemic song that you can play on your travels. “YCKMRNR”, which is an acronym for the album title  You Can’t Kill My Rock N Roll is another anthemic party song with cheesy lyrics and cool backing vocals and some sharp guitar solos. “The Others” is a rather disappointing song compared to some earlier ones. It’s not a bad one, but the other songs so far make this one look ordinary. “Have Mercy On Me” is another ‘ok’ party rock song. Its anthemic and got some cool riffs, but blah ! “Never Cared For Snobbery” is much more impressive, with much better lyrics and much better song writing. “Baboon” has to my favourite song of the album, just purely based on its cheesy lyrics, and of course some cool ass guitar solos. “Bring The House Down” sounds like a great song for the band to play live in their club shows.  “Medicine Man” feels more like a forced song. “Goodbye” is more like a song that you want to play at your college farewell party, and not in your home, and it weirdly feels like the correct song to end this album.

Had never listened to HARDCORE SUPERSTAR before, but by just looking at the album art work, I knew I was getting into something very cool, and honestly “You Can't Kill My Rock n Roll” didn’t disappoint as a whole, even though I did have my issues with a few songs. It’s not often that you get Rock N Roll bands that bring in the party and happy vibes and do it right.

Production: 8
Songwriting: 8
Originality: 7
Memorability: 9

4 Star Rating

2. Electric Rider
3. My Sanctuary
4. Hit Me Where It Hurts
6. The Others
7. Have Mercy On Me
8. Never Cared For Snobbery
9. Baboon
10. Bring The House Down
11. Medicine Man
12. Goodbye
Joakim "Jocke" Berg - Vocals
Martin Sandvik - Bass
Vic Zino - Guitar
Magnus "Adde" Andreasson - Drums
Record Label: Gain Music Entertainment


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