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Hardcore Superstar - Thank You (CD)

Hardcore Superstar
Thank You
by Dimitra Zertopouli at 08 February 2002, 9:28 PM

Did you know that Sweden has a distinguished glam scene? Well if you didn't, don't feel bad, cause you ain't the only one, I didn't know it either. Hardcore Superstar belong to this scene and are kind of considered to be the descendants of Backyard Babies. Luckily, that's not exactly the case, because Hardcore Superstar's sound isn't that punkish.
When I first saw their cover I though yeah, another nu-metal band. Well I was misled by their appearance, but what do u expect when I see 4 Oasis looking guys and one of them having the new Nikki Sixx haircut? Sorry, I'm an old school fan I want big puffy hair. If I liked miserable looking-sounding bands I would have been a Nirvana fan!
Thank You (For Letting Us Be Ourselves) claims to have attitude and aggression but it's real value in it's sleaze. Yeah, the best part of this album is the sleazy lyrics and rhythm of Just Another Score, the sarcastic Shame, the pure Rock 'N' Roll of That's My Life, the catchy Do Me The Favour, the Riding With The King that moves in Southern Rock forms and the ballad Mother's Love.
That's not a bad score, six songs out of thirteen, but what about the rest? Well, Not Dancing. Wanna Know Why? that has the line Put out a record and you'll feel alright, is completely senseless, I don't know how they felt, but this isn't even a party song. Summer Season's Gone and Significant Other are good for MTV but definitely not for my likes. I can't tell you anything about the Wimpy Sister and the Dear Old Fame, because when they were over I completely forgot everything about them, plus I couldn't find any reason why to listen to them again. About Smoke 'Em, gimme a brake please! Is this supposed to have any connection with any kind of rock? And finally, They Are Not Even A New Bang Tango, well, I don't even like Bang Tango!!!
In overall, Thank You (For Letting Us Be Ourselves) is pleasant in listening, but I am way too old to find something special in their style. This is the reason why I will give them a 6 and I will thank them for letting me live in the past days of glam.

3 Star Rating

That's My Life
Not Dancing. Wanna Know Why?
Just Another Score
Summer Season's Gone
Wimpy Sister
Do Me The Favour
Significant Other
Dear Old Fame
Smoke 'Em
Riding With The King
They Are Not Even A New Bang Tango
Mother's Love
Record Label: Music For Nations


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