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Hardreams - The Road Goes On... (CD)

The Road Goes On...
by Grigoris Chronis at 14 June 2008, 9:24 PM

With this name, I guess I should not expect something different from a melodic Hard Rock band. HARDREAMS has already released another album (recorded in 2002, released in 2004), named Calling Everywhre, while this year's The Road Goes On… sees a sophomore CD that will easily attract the interest of 'mellow' Rock/AOR aficionados. And…an extra hint: they come from Spain but the vocals do not sound 'Spanish' at all.
The first three songs - Apologies, Bad Times Are Gone and Rebel Heart - do bear the same groove; the AOR fast-pace 'classic' tempo, that unveils some notable guitar/keys hooks and great vocal melodies. My Last Desire calms things down, with 'moody' major tones, singing 'warmth' and tempo mildness. Little Sinner Queen belongs to the fast-pace category, again, and - then - We Are One sees a ballad full of emotion, accompanied by a piano, with Manu Esteve sounding like a mix of GOTTHARD's Steve Lee and SURVIVOR's Dave Bickler.
Too Late fastens things up, in a semi-WHITESNAKE/DEEP PURPLE way, while Someday Somewhere runs mid-pace again, in powerful AOR fields. I'll Say Bye Tonight is an up-tempo melodic rocker with elegant guitars/keys co-existing and Two Shots (again) applies to the 'joyful' AOR category, in a hasty pace similar to e.g. some of FINAL FRONTIER portfolio. The Road Goes On wraps up the album; it opens up in a TYKETTO way, with acoustic guitars and mid-tone vocals, then to unfold to a mid-tempo 'sweet' melodic Rock chill-out song.
For a band with only two (now) albums of career, I was impressed by the chemistry of the band members plus the comfort in neither 'rushing' their songlist nor 'pressing' for a naive hit. There's quality in their songwriting structure; I can 'extract' maturity from the integrity of the songs, the singing of Esteve is more than fine, and - last but not least - you will not get tired of listening to the whole album repeatedly track after track.
If the production was more 'live' or 'fat' we'd be talking for a superb Melodic Rock album; the cover also seems a little 'faint' in colors. Still, these two obstacles would not prevent you - the fan of bands like HARLAN CAGE, TYKETTO, STRANGEWAYS, (Hugo's) VALENTINE, PRIDE OF LIONS, 'mild' WHITESNAKE and 'moody' SYRVIVOR - to stay away from The Road Goes On…, since it will surely apply to your taste.

3 Star Rating

Bad Times Are Gone
Rebel Heart
My Last Desire
Little Sinner Queen
We Are One
Too Late
Someday Somewhere
I'll Say Bye Tonight
Two Shots
The Road Goes On
Manu Esteve - Vocals
David Aguera - Guitars
Victor Muino - Bass
Sergi Segarra - Keyboards
Sergio Hormigo - Drums
Record Label: Perris Records


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