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Hartmann – 15 Pearls And Gems Award winner

15 Pearls And Gems
by Jojo "Rocket Queen" Hamilton at 19 April 2020, 5:21 PM

HARTMANN are a 4 man Rock band from Germany who bring us the new album “15 Pearls And Gems” released on 17th April 2020. The band have packed the album with a fantastic 15 new songs! This is an album fan will be screaming out for. The band who started out back in 2005 have built up a tremendous following over the years and have a long line of loyal fans who have been waiting for the release of the new album. This is the bands 8th album so they are not shy of the studio & keep us going with new material regularly and the latest instalment does not disappoint us in any way! The album is one to be turned up loud & cranked up on your stereo. Frontman Oliver Hartmann has ben widely known and respected for his other musical projects over the years as well. He has had an impressive career in music.

To talk a little about the album, we open with the song “Can’t Stop This Train.” This song opens with some very classic sounding guitar riffs joined by well timed beats on the drums & cymbals. Then in come Oliver’s vocals joining the melody to make it complete. They bring an old school kinda vibe with the opening of this album. Jumping to song number 4 “You Will Make It” we get straight into the lyrics which are heart warming and sung crisp & clear. The song itself makes me smile & think of fond times. A great song. Onto number 6, “When The Rain Begins To Fall (Feat Ina Morgan)” is a bit Retro Rock sounding and has some fast strummed guitaring, which is fucking awesome! A great musical collaboration. Song number 9 “Uninvited” opens with piano keys and is a slow paced sounding track which has haunting qualities to it. I really enjoyed this song & would point it as the highlight of the album. I’ve heard this song done by other artists, but never to such a high standard or quality. Song number 11 is called “The Suns Still Rising” is a great song too. It’s one that makes you think on the good side of life. The instrumentals are quality too and the vocals are on point. Closing this fine album we have the last song, number 15 “Out In The Cold,” which is a sweet way to end such an awesome album. The vocals we hear are so powerful & intense. The music played with such a passion it’s undeniable that this is a band who aim to please & hit the target in the bullseye!

Overall I think “15 Pearls  And Gems” is a tremendous new album by HARTMANN and I have really enjoyed reviewing the album. It’s one that I’ve had up full volume just to make sure my neighbours enjoy it as much as I have! The album is jam packed with fantastic songs and there’s not one song that was not a pleasure to listen to. I’d say if your a fan of Classic Rock & you haven’t heard these guys then your missing out & you should check out the link below! Enjoy, cause I certainly have.

Songwriting 10
Musicianship 10
Memorability 10
Production 10

5 Star Rating

1. Can’t Stop This Train
2. Walking On A Thin Line
3. How Does It Feel?
4. You Will Make It
5. Glow (Remix 2020)
6. When The Rain Begins To Fall (Feat Ina Morgan)
7. Street Cafe
8. I Go To Extremes
9. Uninvited
10. Fir And Water
11. The Suns Still Rising
12. What If I
13. Don’t Give Up Your Dream
14. Brothers
15. Out In The Cold
Oliver Hartmann – Vocals & Guitars
Mario Reck – Guitars
Armin Donderer – Bass
Markus Kullmann – Drums
Record Label: Pride & Joy Music (Germusica PR)


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