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Hartmann – 3 (Reissue) Award winner

3 (Reissue)
by Caio Botrel at 13 July 2020, 3:36 PM

Before we start talking about the album, it is needed to share some thoughts about the incredible Oliver Hartmann. He is a German guitarist and vocalist, known for his works alongside AVANTASIA, AT VANCE, ROCK MEETS CLASSIC and the German Pink Floyd tribute named ECHOES. Needless to say, that his career is a hell of a great business and that we can hear all of his influence and experience on this reissue release of the album "3". The opening track from the album is "I Won't Get Fooled Again" and we can hear a little bit of electronic influences on the beginning and some modern Rock on the rest of the song. The chorus will catch your attention right away and it will make you feel interested to hear what is next.

"From Outta Space" starts with a different vibe, even if it still a very modern sound, it is different due to the fact that it has a lot of effects on the guitars and at some parts of Oliver's vocals as well. The structure of the song is well constructed, and it has some nice groove coming from the guitars, bass and drums. "Suddenly" feels a little bit darker and it is kind of sad in a way, but it is a very beautiful song and the vocals fits perfectly. I must say that it reminded me a little bit of some of the AVANTASIA's ballads and I liked how it sounded. The guitar work is inspiring.

"All I Can Say" starts out with a beautiful acoustic guitar sound that creates a very soft and peaceful atmosphere. It is the classical ballads that all the Hard Rock bands need to have. I won't say much, because it will be better for you to listen to it… Great song. "Right Here Right Now" have a nice modern Hard Rock sound mixed up with some electronic influences from the 1980's. I liked how it sounds and it is different from many of the songs on the album, which created a cool dynamic by far… but it still have the band's identity. Oliver knows how to right catchy chorus.

"Don't Give Up Your Dream" is another song that starts with beautiful acoustic guitar chords and it develops slowly with Oliver's vocals coming in, some guitars and keyboards arrangements on the background, until it grows in all its force with great guitar riffs and a kickass kitchen with bass and drums. The guitar solo here is pretty badass. "Broken Down" follows the same modern instrumental from the previous songs and it was a nice song. "Don't Tell Me It's Over" is one of the best ballads from the album and this one feels deep than the previous ones. It starts with beautiful but sad acoustic guitar sounds, choirs and a deep vocal line. I loved how they mixed up the electric parts with the acoustic ones, creating a very good ambiance using both ideas. The guitar solo is truly inspiring and there's a lot of feeling on this song.

"Lost In Havanna" came in to cheer you up after the sad song as it is one of the funniest and happiest songs on the album. The instrumental is really happy and the vocals works are the cherry from the pie. "Brothers" became one of the most famous from Hartmann's due to the fact that the master TOBIAS SAMMET from the almighty AVANTASIA and EDGUY shared his vocals with Oliver here. The song starts deep with a clean guitar tone that creates the atmosphere for Oliver's low vocals and then Tobias' comes in with his high vocals and man… you are doomed now: it will stuck to your mind no matter what you do. It is needless to say that both vocal work here is astonishing and will definitely inspire you to start singing.

"Forgotten Innocence" is the last song from the album and it is different from all the rest. It has all the characteristics that made the band known, but it feels like they were trying something new here. You will find new elements, great vocal lines, beautiful guitar work and incredible bass and drum work as well. I must say that the album was already good, but this reissue made it even better. If you are not familiarized with Oliver Hartmann's work outside AVANTASIA, I totally recommend this album for you to check out.

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

4 Star Rating

1. I Won’t Get Fooled Again
2. From Outta Space
3. Suddenly
4. All I Can Say
5. Right Here Right Now
6. Don’t Give Up On Your Dream
7. Broken Down
8. Don’t Tell Me It’s Over
9. Lost   In Havanna
10. Brothers
11. Forgotten Innocence
Oliver Hartmann – Vocals and Guitars
Mario Reck – Guitars
Armin Donderer – Bass
Markus Kullmann – Drums
Record Label: Pride and Joy Music


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Edited 04 June 2023

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