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Haste - When Reason Sleeps (CD)

When Reason Sleeps
by Orpheus Spiliotopoulos at 01 April 2001, 12:01 AM

From overseas, from the land of Nu MetaL (hahaha) comes a band called…Haste.
Haste is a weird mixing of Hardcore, Heavy MetaL and Hard Rock which reminds me indeed of the Nu Metal crap that's been going on lately (I mean…the mixing). Boy, I just hate it when I hear people saying Korn is Metal or Limp Bitchkid (haha). Well, Haste is more Hardcore than Metal even though they've got a few elements from Heavy and Hard Rock. I found out When Reason Sleeps is their second album. Don't know about it but what can I say about an album which has three songs marked as Suggested. I mean I find it ridiculus suggesting 3 songs out of 11. Is the album that shitty? Let's just take a look…

The Guitars are Hardcore. You know, very down-tuned and heavy. The drums are ok (Jeff Gardner is the only guy in there with a talent). The vocals…well…two singers. One with a deeper voice than the other, yelling at the microphone. Ok, it's not only yelling, there are some clean vocals (like in Matches Under Bridges for ex.) but nothing much to mention about! Damn! I wonder why the hell track 7 has no title! I also wonder why the album indicated that there are 11 songs when my CD player finds 12…And what a lame cover. I guess this album is Nu Metal after all…cause Nu MetaL is crap. I only feel sorry for the kids in the band. Why don't they listen a little bit to Pantera if they want to be considered a Metal Band under the breath-taking tones of Hardcore.
It's the wasteyard for this band…
P.S. Message to all the Nu Metallers out there : We don't want your music. We've had enough crap already!

1 Star Rating

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Kelly Reaves - Vocals
Chris Mosley - Vocals
Jason Burns - Guitars
Nicholas Brunson - Guitars
Jeff Gardner - Drums
Record Label: Century Media


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