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Hate - Crvsade:Zero Award winner

by Erika Kuenstler at 28 January 2015, 10:10 PM

The year has barely started, and already we find what is likely to be one of the best Death Metal albums of the year on our hands. Polish Blackened Death Metallers HATE seem to be on an indomitable conquest of all metaldom, rolling over everything in their path, reminiscent of some invincible war machine the likes of which are rarely seen. Despite relentless touring for the most part of last year, they have nevertheless managed to create their ninth full-length album “Crvsade: Zero”, which is to be unveiled later this week, unleashing an opus of apocalyptic proportions onto the unsuspecting world.

What struck me when reading through the song titles is the farcical take on Christian hymns. Notably, “Lord, Make Me an Instrument of thy Wrath!” seems a direct parody of the hymn “Lord, make me an instrument of your Peace” (which is particularly amusing as the next line of the psalm runs: “Where there is hatred, let me sow love”), whilst “Valley of Darkness” seems to be a slightly subtler misquote of the line, “Yea though I walk through Death’s dark vale …” from the Catholic hymn “The Lord’s my Shepherd”. Never ones to fear speaking their minds, HATE certainly have made their stance on religion crystal clear with this release.

Starting off with the intro track “Vox Dei”, an immensely powerful ominous and chilling atmosphere sets the scene for the rest of the album; if this is the “voice of God” as the Latin name implies, then surely mankind is doomed. This is followed by the short instrumental “Lord, Make Me an Instrument of thy Wrath!”, which is perhaps slightly slower than warranted by such an redolent intro track. Nevertheless, the despair conjured by the soul searing guitar solos swells and blossoms into the putridity of “Death Liberator”, although even this is missing its full punch, and it is only in “Leviathan” that we get a first glimpse at the true invincible power that HATE is capable of. “Hate is the law” is another killer track, and I can well imagine this militant march-like salvo rapidly becoming an anthem at live shows. Having said this, “Valley of Darkness” is perhaps the very pinnacle of the album, the ultimate climax resonant with insane guitar solos and powerfully evocative melodies. If my words don’t convince you, check out the music video for the song below and let the music speak for itself. The title track of the album “Crvsade: Zero” is a fast, furious, and merciless eradication. Yet for all its fervour, twisting melodies are cleverly woven throughout, spiralling you through a maelstrom of riffs on the tattered wings of tempestuous destruction. The last highlight comes with “Dawn of War”, the last full track of the album, which brings to life a hard-hitting bleak vision of futility and loss. Ending off with “Black Aura Debris” as an outro, the album leaves us with a sense of impending doom and an itch in our fingers to press the repeat button.

Overall, this album is unadulterated HATE, with a sound that could be described almost like a perfect meld between fellow countrymen VADER and BEHEMOTH, with “Crvsade: Zero” also being faultlessly recorded and produced to boot. Put short, each song is a flawless embodiment of pure overpowering abhorrent brutality with each musician contributing a skilful macabre assault. Check out the album, and be sure to catch HATE on one of their upcoming crusade of Europe this spring.

4 Star Rating

1. Vox Dei (A Call from Beyond)
2. Lord, Make Me an Instrument of thy Wrath!
3. Death Liberator
4. Leviathan
5. Doomsday Celebrities
6. Hate Is the Law
7. Valley of Darkness
8. Crusade Zero
9. The Omnipresence
10. Rise Omega the Consequence!
11. Dawn of War
12. Black Aura Debris            
Adam the First Sinner - Vocals, Guitars, Bass
Destroyer - Guitars
Pavulon - Drums
Record Label: Napalm Records


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