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Hate Force One - Wave Of Destruction

Hate Force One
Wave Of Destruction
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 11 July 2013, 11:32 AM

Hate has many forms and fidgets. The mutual agreement worldwide is that hate is atrocious, destructive and should be banned from people’s lives because the ability to act upon revulsion and odium can result in terrible aspects that may develop into bloodied massacres and senseless violent acts. Nonetheless, expressing hatred as a protest against certain facets that may regard the social infrastructure or rebuking admonitions concerning future damnations, may also come into play but not in physical acts. This is not the first time, nor will it be the last, nobody here invented the wheel, and I entangled with the German HATE FORCE ONE and their debut title, “Wave Of Destruction”, via Bret Hard Records.

The crew of five, consumed by the need to inflict what they think about the quintessence of hate, and its consequences, set free a reign of old school Death Metal, largely sounded like a reminiscent of the old Dutch scene, think SINISTER or THANATOS, and a few characteristics of the brutish American counterpart al’a the door step of CANNIBAL CORPSE, yet somewhat dethroned by a mixed kind of metamorphosed Thrash surging between SLAYER and ANNIHILATOR. In general, this debauchery sounds pretty insane, if handled right, but regretfully, the group of HATE FORCE ONE still has a lot of ground to cover.

From top to bottom, HATE FORCE ONE hammered with vengeance, as if there is no tomorrow, pure violence, grotesquery and vile attributes to support the Deathly claims. On the other hand, behind the guttural pig squeal spews of their vocalist, a guy named Alex, the instrumentalists also uncovered a bit of class to their playing, shifting from Death to Thrash in blink of an eye. Sometimes there were ample results of ingenious soloing and a few melodic squints, yet as a rhythm guitar fan, I saluted to their straightforward Thrash riffery, which also stemmed a small series of enchanting rhythm riffing that rewind me back to the merry late 80s.

Though far from being complete, or even close for that matter, HATE FORCE ONE seemed quite capable of composing stimulating songs with various of transferals back and forth between brutish Death to refined Thrash. Other than “Voices” and “The Joker”, nothing was close enough to be sensible or entertaining. Sadly, other than being drone, mostly I blame the vocal line because its type and technique seemed so unfit for the music, it occurred to me that HATE FORCE ONE experimented and wished to go beyond the normality. Of course that I respect their wishes, as it is always welcome that a band tries to step out of ordinariness and into a new dawn, but it appeared that the material isn’t quite fully formed like “Death Roll”, “Face The Mirror” or “Waves of Destruction”. “Warfare” was almost there, it actually banged hard and its chorus was pretty neat.

Finally, I can’t really agree when it comes to the productions values of this album. Even with Manuel’s ample playing abilities on the skins, the evident sampling seemed dull and too digitized, deeming them to be nearly lifeless. Although I did enjoy the guitars sound and how the lead role, when implemented, was placed in the mix. Yet, the vocals weren’t commanding enough or mixed properly, but the first of the two wasn’t entirely the fault of the sound engineer.

As a fan of Death and Thrash Metal, I know that nothing is perfect, even back when the old school material ruled the day, there were deficiencies. HATE FORCE ONE, as I stated in the beginning have their work cut out for them. I noticed two talented guitarists, a fine rhythm section, and a vocalist that has it in him but needs to assert his position as a crude, rude and mean Death Metal singer. “Wave Of Destruction”, in comparison to other Death Metal albums, whether entrenched with Thrash or not, was a hard take due to its limitations and lack of interest, but I won’t deny that there are things about it that will make you mash and bash.  

2 Star Rating

1. Waves of Destruction
2. Death Roll
3. Voices
4. Payback
5. Face the Mirror
6. Before the War
7. Warfare
8. The Joker
9. Sick Philosophy
10. New Zombiefied
Alex - Vocals
Philipp - Guitar
Matthias - Guitar
Oempfi - Bass
Manuel - Drums
Record Label: Bret Hard Records


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