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Hate Propaganda – World War 666

Hate Propaganda
World War 666
by "Der Bärtige Mann" Gareth Beams at 07 December 2019, 9:09 PM

Well the info on this band is bare. No info on this band whatsoever. There could be 1 personal, there could be 5. No idea. This is the debut EP of HATE PROPAGANDA, maybe after this there will be a bit more on the band. You can stream the album on Bandcamp, there is no YouTube or Spotify right now, but enjoy.

World War 666” starts as a distorted noise, best way to describe it. The drums kick in and can be heard clearly, the guitars played come into the sound more in sections, but are drowned out by the drums. Vocals, I have no idea what the language is, or what is being said. The tempo is set to max and ticks over well enough. There are sections when all instrumental elements can be heard and these are a decent enough melody, but the balance is off. In places you can only hear drums, sometimes its balanced enough to hear everything, but these are few and far between. Mental song. “Neverending Mass Graves” starts with a spoken sample, some recording. Sounds like a police call. The drums kick into the song in high spirit. The vocals seem to have been set in standard already and are not clear at all. The song, once again is very drum heavy. Barely able to hear the guitars, sounds like whatever the chords are, they are low and franticly played. Balance, none. Melodies, none. I have no idea what’s going on here and it ends before any grasp of the concept can be reached.

Violent Nature of Human Annihilation” has the same kind of sample as the previous song. No idea why it is used. By this, midway point of the EP, you will have worked out the basic concept and structure of the songs. Overly heavy drum beat, distorted and unclear vocals that cannot be worked out, and frantic guitar play that does not go anywhere and fails to create a melody. Otherwise, the tempo and beat are high enough for the song not to drag. “Welcoming the Nuclear War with Open Arms” anyone else getting déjà vu here? Same weird samples. The sound is the same as the previous 2 songs, the sound has dropped since the start of the album. It's very hard to establish anything about the song as it's just the same as previous. If it weren’t for the samples, you wouldn’t know one song has changed to the other

Let the Sirens Signal the End of Times” no sample… is this a fresh approach? You can hear the guitars, drums aren’t as loud, don’t consider the vocals. The pace is slower so its new and different, and boring. The tempo soon picks up and the sound soon reverts back to more or less the same as the last few songs. Disappointing.

Ok, let's start with the good aspect. The pace and tempo are high enough for the album not to drag and leave your brain to go numb. Bad points, just read one of the songs and you will see. The only song that is alright is “World War 666

Songwriting: 2
Musicianship: 2
Memorability: 2
Production: 2

1 Star Rating

1. World War 666
2. Neverending Mass Graves
3. Violent Nature of Human Annihilation
4. Welcoming the Nuclear War with Open Arms
5. Let the Sirens Signal the End of Times
Record Label: War Arts Productions


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