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Hate - Morphosis (CD)

by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 28 March 2008, 9:29 AM

Even though this band is far from being characterized as a fresh band in the scene and some musicians from bands I know have played in it, I never had the chance not only to hear stuff from them, but to even hear about them. This is the very first time I come across HATE and I am really more than impatient to listen to their work. Have I lost important stuff due to the fact I didn't know this band? I will figure it out immediately.

HATE hails from the country of extreme Metal, Poland. The band could not escape the rules of this country and is exactly what you expect to face… raw and aggressive Death Metal. Their new album Morphosis is being issued through the French label Listenable Records, a label that has been the band's home for some years now.

So, is it just one more typical Death Metal band from Poland releasing stuff that a buyer will regret purchasing? I don't think so. HATE are really out of the pit of mediocrity with their interesting blend of Death Metal with Black Metal breaks and some cool melodies. Imagine BEHEMOTH (ok, they're definitely not BEHEMOTH but their music reminds of the Polish masters some times) shredding together with VESANIA, while VADER are responsible so the whole thing doesn't cross the Death Metal borders. That's a way (surely not the best one) to describe HATE's music.

The album is characterized by Hexen's intense drumming, as well as the guitar work, which is more than amazing since the band's two guitarists not only tear the place apart with grinding riffs, but they also enrich the music with incredible solos full of BEHEMOTH style arpeggios. HATE is definitely the surprise of the year for me, since I was unfortunate enough to be unaware of this band. I believe that Morphosis is an album you have to check out and witness some quality Death/Black Metal.


4 Star Rating

Immum Coeli (Everlasting World)
Resurrection Machine
The Angelistic Pain
ATF Sinner - Vocals, Guitar
Destroyer - Guitar
Hexen - Drums
Record Label: Listenable Records


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