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Hatebreed - For The Lions (CD)

For The Lions
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 10 May 2009, 2:07 PM

It has been some time since I learned the news that HATEBREED were planning to release an album filled with covers. Even though I am not such a fan of such releases, I was curious to see the outcome of this effort. I finally have the chance to get a taste of this album and after many listening sessions I can say that the Connecticut based Hardcore unit has managed to create a pretty interesting lesson of its influences and heroes. Interested in what HATEBREED grew up listening to?

Since we are talking about one of the most famous (if not the most famous nowadays) Hardcore act, I guess its pointless wasting time in saying who these guys are and how they managed to get where they are today. The fact is that since this band always had many Metal elements in its sound I always wanted to know which bands made HATEBREED maintain their Hardcore edge while incorporating SLAYER thrashy parts and this really groovy attitude.

From what I read somewhere, this release was initially going to feature less songs, but HATEBREED re-entered the studio to record some new covers and make this package even more delicious for its fans. What we ended up having is an 18-track covers album containing songs that have marked HATEBREED, as well as bands that have influenced them and made them what they are today. Ranging from Thrash Metal (SLAYER, METALLICA) to Hardcore (AGNOSTIC FRONT, SICK OF IT ALL) and Death Metal (OBITUARY), these Hardcore maniacs show us that their diverse sound is a mixture of various different sounds. They have managed to put their own touch in every song they cover, while preserving the original feeling of the song. Jasta also unfolds his talent, doing his best on songs like METALLICA's Escape and CROWBAR's All I Had I Gave. He is really something else!

I can't really look at this release as a full-length album, neither as a compilation. I don't think that people who are not fans of this band will be really impressed, but HATEBREED fans and fans of Hardcore in general will surely find something interesting here. Especially if someone is only into the Hardcore scene and hasn't spent much time with Metal will be smoothly introduced to our beloved music. Just one more band/release that proves Metal and Hardcore have incredibly many similarities.

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Ghosts Of War (SLAYER Cover)
It's The Limit (CRO-MAGS Cover)
Suicidal Maniac (SUICIDAL TENDENCIES Cover)
Refuse/Resist (SEPULTURA Cover)
Escape (METALLICA Cover)
Supertouch/Shitfit (BAD BRAINS Cover)
Hatebreeders (MISFITS Cover)
Evil Minds (D.R.I. Cover)
Set It Off (MADBALL Cover)
Shut Me Out (SICK OF IT ALL Cover)
Thirsty And Miserable (BLACK FLAG Cover)
All I Had I Gave (CROWBAR Cover)
Life Is Pain (MERAUDER Cover)
Your Mistake (AGNOSTIC FRONT Cover)
Hear Me (JUDGE Cover)
I'm In Pain (OBITUARY Cover)
Boxed In (SUBZERO Cover)
Jamey Jasta - Vocals
Frank Novinec - Guitar
Wayne Lozinak - Guitar
Chris Beattie - Bass
Matt Byrne - Drums
Record Label: Century Media Records


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