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Hatedotcom - Dissociative

by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 21 May 2014, 1:03 PM

HATEDOTCOM is based in Germany, and their music can best be described as a mixture of modern Heavy Metal with powerful Rock stuff.  “Thrash and Roll” is the descriptor their put on their Facebook page.  “Dissociative” is their debut album on 7Hard Records, and contains ten tracks.  “Darkest Clouds” leads off the album, and immediately I can hear the description of their music is pretty spot-on.  Death/screamed vocals however are the staple here, and the riff is dark and grungy.  Some clean vocals enter the fray in the chorus, and the temp is energetic and bossy.  There is solid production on the album as well.  “A Glimpse” continues the quick pace and varied, murky riffs.  There is definitely an element of thrash to the music as well.  Anguish and evil can be heard throughout.

“Whatever You Do” begins with a bit of suspense, with a simple, but ominous riff, that builds into a mid-tempo number.  I like the dual lead breaks in the chorus and the change-of-pace riff during the main guitar solo section.  “Hypnotherapy” has a bit more of a Hardcore sound to it.  Though they are able to work in some melody here and there, the brutality of the main riff and furious drumming really drive this piece.  Not wanting to rest too much on one main sound, the band puts forth more of a fuzzy, groovy number with “They Are Coming.”  It has a confident swag to it at times, reminiscent to me of DOWN.  This is a song you can really head-bang to.  In “A New Beginning,” the pace is quickened, like oil warming from a previous sludgy state, with a clear chorus that can be sung along to, and a strong, powerful ending.  “Demons” moves along nicely, with a slower, grinding riff, and areas where the bass guitar carries the track are nicely done.  “We Will Prevail” is a little more bouncy and upbeat, still with the edgy evil that permeates the album.  The acoustic breaks are really pleasant surprises, and carry form some nice change and contrast in the song.

The closing track, “Inverted Paradigm,” is just focused on beating you senseless.  It’s a full on sonic assault.  Overall, I think that within the parameters of this sub-genre, there is little room for much deviation from the sound that fans have come to enjoy hearing.  However, HATEDOTCOM have done a fairly good job at keeping the album suffering from too much repetition.  It’s very straightforward Heavy Metal, in the areas of Hardcore and Thrash, but with some supporting sounds that keep it from being too stale.  The bass and drum work really shine here in my opinion, holding a nice rhythm throughout the album.  The guitar and vocal work are also very earnest, and the band’s musicianship strong.

3 Star Rating

1. Darkest Clouds
2. A Glimpse
3. Whatever You Do
4. Hypnotherapy
5. They Are Coming
6. A New Beginning
7. Demons
8. We Will Prevail
9. 23:07
10. Inverted Paradigm
Tim Venker – Vocals
Roland Nekola – Guitar
Jens Zubala – Guitar
Seb Gobel – Bass
M.T. Jordan – Drums
Record Label: 7Hard Records


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