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Hatefulmurder - No Peace Award winner

No Peace
by Marcos “Big Daddy” Garcia at 02 September 2014, 2:17 AM

Well, another fine name coming from Brazilian lands, mixing Death and Thrash Metal in same proportions, but with a very good and creative approach, blowing new life on an eroded genre of Metal. This is what HATEFULMURDER, from Rio de Janeiro, is about with their first album, “No Peace”.

This album was to be release since long, but due health problems of their former bassist Ernani Henrique (who passed away in 2012) and a succession of drummer changes until they found Thomás, “No Peace” was only released now. But this wait was good, for the band re-arranged their songs, and between the previous works and “No Peace”, there are many differences, but the most clear is: the band is more aggressive. The vocals are better in flow tunes (but with very good diction), the guitar riffs improved a lot, bass guitar is solid (besides Rômulo Pirozzi, guitarist from MARTINI MACHINE and MISTRUST, recorded the bass lines), and the drums are way better than before (more technical, but still heavy). Ol’ Daddy ears are giving phone’s busy sign until now due the volume abuse.

The production was done by the own band along Fabiano Penna (former THE ORDHER and REBAELLIUN guitarist, well known as producer by his duties with ANDRALLS and UNEARTHLY), so the sound is clean and heavy, and extremely intense! It can even scratch your face!

And the art, done by Felipe Lameira (the band’s vocalist) is as aggressive as their music.

Their finest moments: “No Peace for the Wicked” with its great variations of tempos and vocals, “Gates of Despair” and a more Death Metal approach (with great riffs and bass works), “Under the Sway of Plagues” (that shows a more moderate tempo, where guitars show great riffs), “Fear My Wrath” (that have a more Germany Thrash Metal influence), and the only re-recorded track from their previous EPs, “Scars to God” (with incredible bass lines, the same composed by Ernani. Imagine if Steve Harris plays in a Thrash/Death Metal band and you’ll get a clear idea of what I mean).

An excellent album and a good memorial for Ernani, our friend that now will rest in peace. But every time someone hears this album, his spirit will be alive, among us all.

5 Star Rating

1. No Peace for the Wicked
2. Gates of Despair
3. Under the Sway of Plagues
4. Worshipers of Hatred
5. Ways of the Lust (Instrumental)
6. Burned to Ashes
7. Fear My Wrath
8. Shackles of Ignorance
9. Scars to God
Felipe Lameira – Vocals
Renan Campos – Guitars, backing vocals
Felipe Modesto – Bass
Thomás Martin – Drums
Record Label: Cogumelo Records


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