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HateSphere - Murderlust

by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 28 October 2013, 4:06 PM

Replenishing and stacking up additional energy stockpiles, the Danes are out there to heed to the buzz of the kill, the act of murder, for the lust of it all, observing closer into the psyche of killers and murderous maniacs, researching the cognition patterns of such type of individuals. These heinous scapegoats of society turned to the means necessary to show their loathing towards their fellow man by issuing carnage and senseless violence. Also there are mentioning of kinds of brutality by the system that is supposed to be society’s branch for protection and reassurance. The world is a harsh place and with the addition of this blackened present, hope is just a phrase. Showing their desperation of what is going on worldwide, and possibly around them, the contemporary Death / Thrash Metal veterans HATESPHERE, commit their next act with “Murderlust”, via Massacre Records. Storming with pure menace and potent endurance, the steadfast HATESPHERE fiercely ignited my yearning for some square-shooting assault and battery, even though nothing within this party bash can be actually considered an elixir of the gods.

Just like clockwork, two years past “The Great Bludgeoning”, which was quite good album, HATESPHERE revert even closer to modernized Thrash Metal, leaving a few rivets of contemporary Groove / Hardcore and Death Metal laying around as decorations. Truthfully, “Murderlust” still feels like flicks and portion out of the THE HAUNTED legacy, even several indications of melodious CARNAL FORGE, however, I believe that this album is a closer proximity to later SLAYER and early to mid 90’s of SEPULTURA (minus the “Roots” mockery). The vast majority of the material is a vision of a blitzkrieg, puncturing assault by the rhythm section, often Punkish attitudes, abridged type of riffery, reprising from time to time, with several melodic notations that became a standard within this path of Thrash. There have been minor shifting points where HATESPHERE appeared diverse, yet in the long run, they stuck to one single attacking formation, a formula well known and experienced by yours truly. As for the front line of the band, Esse has been living up to be quite a frontman, providing the impression of a dominant figure, his semi growl vocals fit way better than the Metalcore / Hardcorish nature of both past vocalists, Joller Albrechtsen and Dr. J Bredahl.

“Punishable By Death” and “Murderlust” had me headbanging like crazy, sent me way back to the early 90’s SEPUTLURA, somewhere between “Arise” and “Chaos A.D.” while also remembering the hungry days of THE HAUNTED’s “Made Me Do It” and “One Kill Wonder”. There is great manic Thrash riffery, following shred of groove, with energetic drumming antics, nicely written even if not overwhelmingly decisive. “The Violent Act” is yet another riff based merciless Thrasher, featuring THE BLACK DAHLIA’S MURDER guitarist, Ryan Knight, with a flamboyant soloing effort of wonderful shredding. I was mesmerized by the song’s lyrical theme, also its lead guitar lines, other than the soloing, which were well crafted. “In Process”, an instrumental showcase, made me wish the entire song list would have contracted the same buildup that this one possess. With all my admiration for onslaught Thrash, this passage sank deep within my soul, a soothing creation developed into a heavy chunk of meat floating with astounding lead guitar action harboring solos and harmonic escapes.

“Murderlust” has that basic zest, it has its divergent moments, yet I kind of liked it when it remained in a single solid form of modern Thrash foundation. HATESPHERE remained prominent on producing what they know best without twisting too much to either side or overstepping their grounds. This release is recommended for those who yearn to thrash things up, pillage and destroy. However, looking in a deeper sense, and reading between the lines, you will be able to observe the monstrosity that is humanity.      

3 Star Rating

1. Murderlust 7
2. Pandora's Hell
3. Fear Me 7
4. The Violent Act (Feat. Ryan Knight)
5. Punishable By Death
6. In Process
7. Iconoclast (Feat. Trevor Strnad)
8. Darkest Of Forces
9. Refill the Chest
10. Assassin (Muse cover)
11. Murderlust (Preproduction)
12. 500 Dead People (Live)
Esse - Vocals
Jakob - Guitar
Mike - Drums
Jimmy - Bass
Pepe - Guitar
Record Label: Massacre Records


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