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Hatesphere - Serpent Smiles And Killer Eyes (CD)

Serpent Smiles And Killer Eyes
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 25 March 2007, 10:27 AM

It seems that the massacre their previous albums caused wasn't enough and the Danish metallers are here to prove that you have to have big balls to stay alive in this scene. Let's not forget that HATESPHERE have already managed to build a respectable reputation despite their delay in the full-length releases world. Even this fact was not able to stop their mad course to success. It seems that Denmark's water has some kind of drug in it. There is no other explanation regarding the production of great bands there!

Formed in 1993, the Danish metallers struggled to make their name be heard in the Metal scene with three demo releases. It was in 2001 when their self-titled debut album hit the stores and everyone was talking about the new blood in Gothenburg style Thrash/Death Metal scene. After three full-length releases in Scarlet Records, the band managed to sign a contract with Steamhammer and release their 2005 album The Sickness Within. Now, it is time for them to unleash their second work through Steamhammer and show that their success is not just a matter of luck.

Even though I always say that the Swedish style scene has become boring and everything sounds too common nowadays, HATESPHERE always had this aggressiveness that made their music much more charming than many bands out there. The good thing about these guys is that even though melody is always a part of their music, they are mostly focused on aggression and brutality, something that makes them sound much closer to the earlier titans of this genre (AT THE GATES and THE CROWN). I also have to admit that I am a huge fan of Jacob's voice. This guy's vocals have the attitude many singers lack. The only singer that I can compare him with is the ex-THE HAUNTED singer Marco Aro. Anyway, the production is great as always since the mixing has been done by the high and mighty Tue Madsen. The rhythm section is kicking ass and the guitars are something like a poisonous arrow that is heading straight towards your heart (Fuck! This sounded a bit emo!). In my humble opinion, Serpent Smiles And Killer Eyes is much better than the 2005 The Sickness Within. To tell you the truth, I liked it as much as I liked Ballet Of The Brute (2004). After MNEMIC, STARRATS, THE ARCANE ORDER and SMAXONE, one more great band from Denmark is reviewed by me. What the fuck is wrong with Denmark? I am leaving Greece guys!

This album is perfect for moshpits, a great friend for your CD player and a pretty nice addition to your CD collection, too! To sum it up, just go and buy this killer album! Approximately 40 minutes of headbanging (if you count the repeats, the headbanging turns out to be endless).

4 Star Rating

Lies And Deceit
The Slain
Damned Below Judas
Drinking With The King Of The Dead
Forever War
Feeding The Demons
Let Them Hate
Jacob Bredahl - Vocals
Peter Lyse Hansen - Guitar
Henrik Bastrup Jacobsen - Guitar
Mikael Ehlert Hansen - Bass
Anders Gyldenohr - Drums
Record Label: Steamhammer/SPV


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