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HateTyler - Vidia

by Yngwieviking at 11 May 2014, 12:46 AM

HATETYLER have just released their second opus titled “Vidia” and they can argue to the fact that they took me by surprise , indeed i was clearly stacked in stupefaction by their unexpected mix, a new alloy of genre, an unique blend that they display here with an obvious talent, the antagonistic styles are spread all over this platter, with of course an alternance of vocals types, ranging from clear / growl / falsetto / high pitched / screams / gang backing grunt!

It’s Modern Metal improved by a Metalcore's breakdown mania updated with brutal riffage, once melodic hooks, Technical patterns and Pure blast headbanging passages, if you can picture ALL THAT REMAINS meets AS I LAY DYING meets RAINTIME meets ANOTHER PERFECT DAY meets EUMERIA meets SHINEDOWN, the virtual result would not be that far from actually the real sound of this combo!

The vocal schizophrenia is incredible with a few similarities with Roberto Tiranti aka Rob Tyrant (LABYRINTH / HEADRUSH / ex-A.P.D.) in the clean voice of Mastermind  Marco Pastorino and an arsenal of high shrieks/low Grunt and all kind of diverse yells, very impressive and quite refreshing, the whole naturally blended & pretty well mastered by lead Singer Stefano Oliva!

The Italian quintet is blowing hot and cold constantly, and even if the trick is well known since fifteen years or so, this extreme stylistic opposition is refreshing and works quite well here, the power and aggression is permanently tamed by the addition of instrumental section/lead guitar solos, Mainstream or Radio friendly chorus (“Listen To My Tragedy”) and even digital elements/Techno loops, the structures are complex with plenty of variety in the orchestrations, but the melodic target seems to be the only goal at the end!

From the hyper catchy hooks “Listen To My Tragedy” to the almost Prog “D.D.” the smartness of their songwriting is exposed in full light , with the opening trio ”Vidia”/“Avoid Your Sin” and “Photograph” , musically HATETYLER stretched its own mixture set in a wide spectrum to the maximum, from the most extreme harsh (“Synapsis”) to the softer side (“Make Me Stronger”) and the sophisticated keyboards arrangments of Modern Metal (the groovy “Awake In The End”).

The songs were all mixed at Domination Studio by owner Simone Mularoni (DGM / LALU / EMPYRIOS) revealing once again his new status as true magician of knobs & faders, an essential and indispensable player in the second breath of the Italian scene, so you can expect a sparkling sonic restitution and a dynamic, in the high end/state of the art’s tradition .

Another strong selling point is the guest solo spot for the finest track “Swallows And Crows” by guitarist Francesco Artusato from ALL SHALL PERISH / DEVIL YOU KNOW fame.

I must admit that sometimes it lose its sparks or its surprise effect (“Lifenymph”) and sometimes it’s a little boring (“Make Me Stronger”) but mostly this collection left a very positive impression with a feeling of addiction to this new recipe even if we already taste many times those yummy ingredients.

By the way who’s the fuck, is Tyler?

4 Star Rating

1. Vidia
2. Avoid Your Sin
3. Photograph
4. Listen to My Tragedy
5. Synapsis
6. Awaking the End
7. Lifenymph
8. Swallows and Crows
9. Make Me Stronger
10. D.D.
Erik Gentile - Drums
Luca Negro – Bass
Federico Maraucci – Lead Guitars/Backing Vocals
Marco Pastorino – Guitars/Clean Vocals
Stefano Oliva – Lead Vocals
Record Label: SG Records


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