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Hath – Hive Award winner

by Will Travers at 28 November 2020, 11:51 AM

Prog. Black Metal. Death Metal. What happens when these three sultry mistresses come together to create their own offspring? HATH happens. The proclaimed Progressive Blackened Death Metal foursome have re released their debut ep “Hive”.

The artwork is nothing particularly special to comment about, that’s not saying that its bad, it is just a fairly stereotypical Black album cover. Opening is “Apparition” the 7-minute long epic is a rollercoaster. Calm and clean sections, brutal and dense sections and that delectable over arching experimental style that is common place for Prog just delivers an incredible opening track.

The intensity doesn’t dissipate, in fact if anything it continues to grow. The steady and deliberate pace just building an atmosphere that surrounds everything, I like to test this with anything that I listen to. Lie back, close your eyes and just let the music envelop you and see what it incites from you. But having just done this with “Replicated” I was just transported elsewhere. What a magical track.

“Swarm”. Now, I don’t know why, maybe in my overtired state I’m just being a bit ridiculous; I instantly began to envisage a swarm. The music plays into this, maybe not quite to the extent as MACHINE HEAD’s “Locust” but in its own right. Listen and see the chaos in your mind of a swarm of, shall we say bees?

Let’s shift down a gear and crank up that intensity. “Commandment” hits with a renewed pace and energy that hasn’t quite been seen in this EP until now. It makes for a nice change and goes on to show that there are more strings to HATH’s musical bow.

I will leave the final two tracks for you the reader to enjoy and discover totally for yourselves. But, suffice to say you will not be disappointed. Overall, the release is fantastic. The depth of their music, the knowledge and skill of all those involved and that sultry musical combination just goes to create something special. If you haven’t already, get this added to your library!

Songwriting – 9
Originality – 10
Memorability – 10
Production – 9

4 Star Rating

1. Apparition
2. Replicated
3. Swarm
4. Commandment
5. Hive
6. Atropus
Frank Albanese – Guitar / Vocals
Peter Brown – Guitar
Greg Nottis – Bass / Vocals
AJ Viana – Drums
Record Label: Willowtip Records


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