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Hatred - Blasphemous Deliverance (CD)

Blasphemous Deliverance
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 08 April 2008, 11:35 AM

After I listened to Blasphemous Deliverance I had the idea of reading some reviews for this album. I was really amazed when I saw that most of the online magazines (or to be more precise the people who write in them) have not exactly the same opinion I have about this band. Anyway, that is definitely something that won't have any influence on what I believe regarding HATRED's brand new album.

The Dutch death metallers were formed in 1999 and this is the very first time the band releases a full-length studio release! Until now, they had released only a demo CD and one EP. The EP was released in 2003, so 5 years of silence were too many for HATRED. The band went through some line up changes, its members had some personal problems and some other facts led the band to a hiatus, which they finally managed to overcome. I believe that the best answer to all those problems is a full-length album, especially when it is their debut one.

Hmmm, Holland. What else could I expect from the country that brought bands like THANATOS, SINISTER and SEVERE TORTURE to life? Traditional Dutch Death Metal! The band has managed to share the stage with bands like VADER, SUFFOCATION, GRAVE and LORD BELIAL, something that is to be taken under consideration. The fact is that all those facts should lead HATRED to the release of a more than just good debut album, but things are not as I thought they would be.

Blasphemous Deliverance is a nice sample of brutal Death Metal, but it is definitely not the album I expected to listen to after I saw the bands HATRED have played with, as well as the problems they have been through. The album has some weaknesses, one of them being the disability (although I don't like using this word) the band has to keep the listener interested throughout the whole album. There are moments where you will probably get distracted by anything else around you and avoid staying focused on the music. The sound (product of the famous Excess Studio, which is known for its work with bands like SEVERE TORTURE and AFTER FOREVER) is just nice, although it could have been really better.

Trying to organize my thoughts on Blasphemous Deliverance I realize that HATRED offer some nice brutality enriched with some great melodies here and there, something that shows that the future holds some things for this band. Let's say that this can be characterized as an average Death Metal album for today, but could be a good Death Metal album in the early 90's. Mostly recommended to the fans that like their brutality dusty.

 Hatred \[Holland] - The Atheist (live 08-02-2008)

3 Star Rating

Christian Dogma
Religion = War
The Atheist
Beholder Of Hate
Enslaved By A Living Deity
Blessed By Possession
Reflected In Dead Eyes
Blasphemous Deliverance
Koen Dingemans - Vocals
Peter De Jonge - Bass, Vocals
Peter Van Der Schraaf - Guitar
Rob De Waardt - Drums
Record Label: Deity Down Records


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