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Hatred – Destruction Manual

Destruction Manual
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 31 October 2010, 2:10 PM

As old school Thrash is coming back to its rightful worldwide recognition, the flow of bands keeps on hitting. The German band HATRED is not a new band in the new wave of Thrash Metal or Metal in general. Their music, on its whole, is what was already heard in the Bay Area Thrash scene of the USA along with a fair share of heavy German Thrash dosages as on DESTRUCTION, late KREATOR and TANKARD. However, with those breeds of influences, HATRED tried to take their music into different worlds in Metal in order to be diverse. Nevertheless, in the bottom line, it's still Thrash with an old school flavour, no abnormalities here.

HATRED's new album, "Destruction Manual", released under the growing German label, SAOL, reflects the true aggression of German Thrash in comparison to its American counterpart. Bands in the kind of HATRED won't settle just on the dynamic music, they have to be evil, and maybe sometimes under the influence. Basically, the driving force on "Destruction Manual" can be heard in almost every Thrash band in the new wave of Thrash. In HATRED's local scene, HATCHERY and CRIPPER can come as suited similarities. Maybe the factors that made this release better is the production and diversity attempts made in the compositions.

In a way, the 80's type of production, although with shares of the newly bred modern and crusty sound, might take out the attention of the somewhat lack of melodies. However there are some distinctions regarding melodies, HATRED tried to make it happen with several of harmonies al'a the 80's while providing support with destructive and violent riffages. If you want torment and chaos, head on to "Smash 'Em", "Moshpit Ritual", Thrash anthem of "Metal Bastards", "Submission Of The Uncontrolled", "United" and drunken add-on of "Franconian Speed".

For fans of EXODUS, DESTRUCTION, KREATOR, EVILE, BONDED BY BLOOD and other Thrash bands of the new age, will get a kick out of this one. HATRED made "Destruction Manual" as your instructional notebook to hope to wreck up a place. This is an album that maybe won't renew anything for most fans (including myself), yet, intense and vicious.

4 Star Rating

  1. United
  2. Ratter Of Hell
  3. Run Amok
  4. Black Sun Prophecy
  5. Moshpit-Ritual
  6. Porker’s Revenge
  7. Submission Of The Uncontrolled
  8. Speak Of The Devil
  9. Metal Bastards
  10. Smash ‘Em
  11. Franconian Speed
Bacchus – Vocals
Maddin – Guitar
Kört – Guitar
Hudson – Bass
Evil Ewald – Drums
Record Label: SAOL


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