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Hats Barn - Y.a.HW.e.H

Hats Barn
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 03 August 2022, 9:28 AM

Black Metal was born in the hands of VENOM with “Welcome to Hell”, and BATHORY, HELLHAMMER, SARCÓFAGO and MAYHEM expanded limits during their early ages. But somewhere during the 90’s, things became fragmented due the sets of different ideas of playing and recording the genre. Today, we can say that there are two forms of making Black Metal: one using an older form, nearer of what was done in the early days of the Second wave of the 90’s; the other, trying to use a more defined way. Both are good and gave birth to excellent names. And the French band HATS BARN follows an old form, as can be heard on “Y.a.HW.e.H”.

Yes, the band prefers to trail a path with and older and sinister form of Black Metal that reminds the days when DARKTHRONE, MAYHEM, BURZUM, ROTTING CHRIST, MARDUK and others were just beginning their careers, that form that’s based on a simple technical playing, and with sinister and rough feeling filling (sorry for playing with words) their songs. It could be compared to WATAIN and MARDUK, because even with such approach nearer the beginning of the Second Wave of the genre, it’s not something forced, but natural of the band, so be prepared for a somber and malignant energy inviting you to cross the Styx. The production of “Y.a.HW.e.H” is rough, crude and nasty, as many classics of the 90’s (one good reference is “Under a Funeral Moon”), with simple and organic instrumental tunes. But the quartet isn’t doing things in a way that’s hard to understand, not at all. It could be better (maybe what WATAIN is doing on their latest releases would be a good choice), but’s not bad at all.

The band shows a natural and good form of creating songs, and it reflects on all the arrangements. And for a first time on the album, “Baal-Zebub” (brutal, fast and really Old School Black Metal, with aggressive and catchy guitar riffs), “Y.H.W.H” (another fast and furious shot with very good guitars, but pay attention with some contrasts between shrieks and agonizing tunes of the vocals), “Under the Pillars of Daath” (this one bears a more morbid insight on the arrangements, with a simple and efficient work of bass guitar and drums), “Total Death Kult” (a song that can work in a pretty way during their shows, because it’s full of contrasts between fast and slow parts), “Walpurgis of Seth” (brutal, fast and nasty, the contrasts between vocals and guitars are amazing), and “The Man Returns to Dust” are the best ones.

If you’re a Black Metal fan, give a chance for yourself and take a dive into the darkness of “Y.a.HW.e.H”, this offering of HATS BARN gives to you. The old L.L.N. spirit is alive!

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 7

4 Star Rating

1. Opening - Ten Psalms of Death and Khaos
2. Baal-Zebub
3. Y.H.W.H
4. In Nomine Leprosy
5. Under the Pillars of Daath
6. Total Death Kult
7. L’enfant Doit Mourir
8. Walpurgis of Seth
9. Absence of Faith
10. Que le Sang Coule Dans les Fleuves
11. The Man Returns to Dust
Psycho - Vocals
Soggoth - Guitars
Ruine - Bass
Kryos - Drums
Record Label: Osmose Productions


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Edited 03 June 2023

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