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Haunt – Windows of your Heart Award winner

Windows of your Heart
by Fred “Cage” Bonanno at 23 August 2022, 8:31 PM

HAUNT was originally formed by Trevor William Church as a musical project to be worked on alongside his existing band BEASTMAKER, the project was to take on a traditional, classic metal sound opposed to BEASTMAKER’S doom metal. This project came to life in Fresno, California when Church wrote and released the debut EP “Luminous Eyes” from HAUNT in 2017. With five previous full length and two EP releases now under their heavy metal belt, HAUNT unleashes their most current album, “Windows of Your Heart”. A multi-talented musician, Church writes and creates all the songs, sings lead vocals, plays guitar, bass, and drums, I think he may be a masked crimefighter at night also. Just a quick glance at the titles of the ten songs has me pumped, I am ready to strap in, crank it up, grab a cold beer and do some serious head banging, I sure hope I didn’t put on my leather pants and vest for nothing.

Out of the gate, “Mercenaries” with pounding twin guitar harmonies, tight clean vocals and a furious guitar solo make a great rocker. Keeping the pedal to the metal “Running Hard” hits with classic hard metal riffs, whining guitar, steady and bold drumming, and another fiery guitar solo. Two for two, keep it up boys. “Father Time” has no let up, slamming duo guitars and an awesome adagio solo giving a brilliant twist to this jammer. Title track time, “Windows of your Heart” pulses with rapid guitar fading and galloping drums topped off nicely by the vocal harmonies. “No Control,” classic metal feel, came away thinking JUDAS PRIEST on this one. We end with what turns out to be my favorite song on this kick ass album, “Defender”, hard rocking riffs and anthem chanting chorus with sweet drumming and a major woody of a guitar solo.

Is Trevor William Church a great metal singer? No, but he is a PERFECT fit for HAUNT. This is a great, feel it in your bones hard rock album. Classic power and hair metal rolled into one. Edgy riffs and raw, soaring guitar solos. It cannot be easy being the creative force between two bands, but Church has masterfully pulled that off, the easy part for me was jamming out to this album, the hard part will be getting my leather pants off.

Songwriting:  8
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Mercenaries
2. Running Home
3. Barricade
4. Father Time
5. Windows of your Heart
6. Catch Me
7. No Control
8. Dream on It
9. Frozen in Time
10. Defender
Trevor William Church – lead vocals, guitar, bass, drums
Andres Lei – guitar
Andy Saldate – drums
Chris Fletcher – bass
Record Label: Church Recordings


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