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Haunted By Silhouettes - No Man Isle Award winner

Haunted By Silhouettes
No Man Isle
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 18 May 2022, 1:17 PM

Maybe some people never thought about this aspect, but Black Metal opened the commercial way for Norwegian musical expressions to gain the world, to be known by people outside of the country (and remembering that even the commercial success of A-HA during the 80’s didn’t unleash such an answer). Today, it’s easy to know Norwegian musical bands and artists throughout the world. But Norwegian Metal isn’t based only on Black Metal, and HAUNTED BY SILHOUETTES comes to show it with “No Man Isle”.

They’re a Melodic Death Metal act with some Groove Metal touches in some song. But the band’s music is into a tendency similar to names as AT THE GATES and SOILWORK on the past, but in a form that embraces deeply the melodic side of their music with no regrets. It’s obvious that they’re just beginning to show their potential, but this EP is enough to see that they’re creative and will not rest under an established model on the genre, but are able to open ways on their own (the way the keyboard parts are used in some moments is really different from the usual). The production worked in a modern and defined way, but keeping some aspects into a more Old School insight in Melodic Death Metal as well. So one can say that things are fitting perfectly on the band’s musical expressions and personality, because it’s aggressive and brutal, even being clear.

“No Man Isle” is a conceptual release (inspired by the port John Doone), dealing with themes as family, survival in solitude, independence and society, so it’s a very good work to check the lyrics. But this doesn’t mean that “Flock” (a fine combination between the brutal aggressiveness of the genre with unusual melodic musical arrangements, with fine grunts and keyboards parts), “Icon” (the melancholic melodies are really amazing in some moments, with a massive and tasteful collection of guitar riffs, and what a lovely chorus), “Selkie” (a brutal song with some modern Melodic Death Metal elements, and the band brought Björn “Speed” Strid as guest on some vocals parts), and “No Man Isle” (a deeper set of melodies and clean vocals can be heard, along a massive and oppressive work from bass guitar and drums due the rhythmic shifts of the song) aren’t great by now. Yes, these guys have enough potential to become one of the greatest names of the genre. Oh, “Departure” is an introduction.

As the quintet is still maturing, “No Man Isle” is really a surprising release. But mark this name for the near future: HAUNTED BY SILHOUETTES.

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 10
Production: 9

5 Star Rating

1. Departure
2. Flock
3. Icon
4. Selkie
5. No Man Isle
Mathias Jamtli Rye - Vocals
Per Kristian Grimsland - Guitars, Vocals
Stian Hoel Fossen - Guitars
Nilsen Kjøren - Bass
Håvard Bustad - Drums
Record Label: Eclipse Records


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