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Havenless - The Crimson Lines Award winner

The Crimson Lines
by Aaron Price at 22 January 2015, 12:12 PM

Progressive Death Metal is nothing new, but it's also not common to find. Then one day in walks this band HAVENLESS who, thanks to ENSLAVED, I was assuming were going to be Black Metal. Much to my surprise being Progressive Death, this album, "The Crimson Lines”, pulled me interest even more, here's what to expect: old OPETH's awesome Death Metal destruction mixed with new OPETH's Progressive Metal riffs to create the band OPETH should be right now, in other words if you're hoping for what was just stated to come from them stop waiting and look at HAHAVENLESS.

So here's where we talk about a couple songs and I go, hey listen to "Sons Of The Raging Season" it has awesome guitar riffs, the bass is actually audible and adds a lot of depth to the music especially in the acoustic section that flawless transitions into heavy madness. Not to mention Fred Blanchard, the vocalist, is one of the few in Death Metal recently who can find a good mix between destructive power and deep growls to make the words almost distinguishable. The ending of the song may be a little abrupt but it doesn't take away from the sheer strength this band has. "Orphans Of Magic" pulled me in right from the get go, powerful vocals over basic instrumentals to open the track before the explosive Death Metal madness kicks in. The guitar solo in this song is also mesmerizing, stealing your attention away from whatever you're doing before leading back into another section like the opening one. After the solo the song gradually builds itself back up, featuring a couple key parts that let every member of the band shine. As a fun little mention as well, "Nightwalker For Tragedy" has clean vocals that can chill you right to the bone with the contrast they add to Blanchard's growls, almost to create an atmosphere the song needed.

Figure out whether this band interests you… Did you figure it out? Is your answer yes? If not, change it. Featuring some of the best work to be found in an upstarting band and released through lesser known label WormHoleDeath Records, it’s a shame this isn't a 2015 album or it would be making plenty of top tens at the end of the year.

4 Star Rating

1. Prelude
2. Sons Of The Raging Season
3. Night Walk For Tragedy
4. Orphans Of Magics
5. Cold Shape
6. House Of The Bleak
7. In The Soreness Chamber
8. Lamentation
9. Shades In The Moor
Fred Blanchard - Vocals, Guitars
Benoit Bonnoron - Guitars
Christine Lanusse - Bass
Romain Choosy - Drums
PY Marani - Keyboards
Record Label: WormHoleDeath Productions


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