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Havoc - Back For The Kill

Back For The Kill
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 13 April 2017, 11:19 PM

This is war. Time and time again when I stumble upon this kind of a fallen band’s story, I get more and more furious. Just from being a part of a local band, I got to know that the industry is cruel, unforgiving and with zero tolerance at times. Throughout my writing days I crossed paths with albums of bands that were simply evaporated from existence by decision makers, high up in offices with musical tastes that were merely based on trends. Of course money talks and art loses. These albums were not even official albums but compilations of what these band achieved till they were shot down. The last patch of the HAVOC, an American Heavy / Glam Metal foursome band, was just at the doorstep of the 90s and since then their lifeline stopped. Excavated by Heaven And Hell Records, HAVOC were awarded to have their story told through “Back For The Kill”, a remnant of ten tracks, showing another local casualty with potential.

It smells, feels, chops and thrills like DOKKEN, and maybe bits of RATT, yet without Stephan Pearcy’s grouchy vocal chords. Silky emotive motifs for greasy balladry to Heavy Metal mid to faster tempo blasters bearing the usual themes that have been the bread and butter of the Hair Nation. Though the immensely strong similarities and attitude, I couldn’t really call it a copycat, as I felt that there was something more. There are good energies in this album, a spunky youth, screaming loudly for freedom while preaching for an utmost respect for the Heavy Metal thunder of its decade. Whether the well suited crazed soloing, with quite of a George Lynch appeal, and same goes for the rhythm guitar riffs, the good set of vocals that without a doubt took on Don Dokken down the road and the thunderous beats and chops that made an impression of a stadium act, “Back For The Kill” felt true to its game.

As expected the songwriting tends toward the mainstream, yet of its time, especially when it comes to the expression of Hard Rock. Most of it is basic, easy to digest kind of Heavy Metal, with a variety of Rock exclamations marks. There are several Pop elements, yet under the Metal saw, so have no fear, it is no AOR. HAVOC exploded on the opener “Pain and Pleasure”, dishing Heavy Metal to the masses. Turned up the emotional swagger with “Will I See You Again”, there is a pinning but with adequate force and clearing out the door with “Loving You”, tackling some of the hits of the 80s with a flash. I would also recommend “On Your Knees”, “Only You” and “Come On” for extra Metal / Hard Rock inhaling.

The genre might have degraded in the early 90s, most of it turned into Grunge, which eventually also died. However, this kind of Heavy Metal is making a strong comeback with bands from all over the world, so let’s boost it with another lost gem.


4 Star Rating

1. Pain and Pleasure
2. Only You
3. On Your Knees
4. Will I See You Again
5. Back for the Kill
6. Hold On
7. Come On
8. Blood Thirsty Bitch
9. Yes I'm Evil
10. Loving You
Michael James - Drums, Backing Vocals
Mark Lyerly - Bass, Backing Vocals
Binny Orrel - Lead Vocals
Mark F. Weddington - Guitars, Vocals, Backing Vocals
Record Label: Heaven And Hell Records


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