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Hawaii - Loud, Wild and Heavy (Reissue)

Loud, Wild and Heavy (Reissue)
by Kyle Scott at 22 March 2018, 4:29 PM

Gotta admit, this band was a little tricky to track down. And I still haven’t found everything I need to know! All I can show for my research is that after disbanding in 1986, anything at all about HAWAII’s origins is rare to find. There’s no official Facebook page, or band website, and the single break in the case I had was a link to their label’s site, featuring a short blurb about “Loud, Wild and Heavy” being re-released to the public this month. Afterwards, I found a Blabbermouth article from last year featuring a talk with Marty Friedman about the re-issue, and articles from three more Metal sites also boasting the re-release.

According to Friedman, the band never really took off because they were so isolated. As the band hails from Honolulu, it’s not hard to see why they’d have trouble, “Hawaii \[the band and the island] represents a unique and very unsettling time in my life.” Friedman is quoted as saying. According to the Blabbermouth article, he and his bandmates weren’t really the beach type, “I hated beaches, hated the pool, hated the whole vibe…” Really? A Metalhead that doesn’t enjoy sun, sand and surf? Do tell! A more serious question might be why would anyone name their band (i.e: the only thing they liked) after something they low-key hated?

It must have been quite a shock to go from a huge adoring public with Friedman’s previous band DEUCE back in Washington D.C. to a much smaller public that was largely unaccustomed to the type of music he and his friends wanted to play. It must’ve also been frustrating to have a huge underground following everywhere (especially Europe), but no one from your area cared to hear you play. Friedman later went on to join MEGADETH and CACAPHONY after HAWAII called it quits.

“Loud, Wild and Heavy” starts out just like it promises in its title with “Bad Boys of Metal” having your age-old ‘Reject authority, rock out to music’ message with Friedman’s guitar solos going in literally every direction but straight. The title track “Loud, Wild and Heavy” features irregular beats and riffs with a mind of their own, barely under Friedman’s control, ending the song by burying you alive under a pile of drum beats and spare guitar notes. “Escape the Night” is all about fighting for your dreams, not matter the cost or hardship. And finally, “Rhapsody in Black” is an Aggro, Punk-channeling instrumental that has multiple layers of chords, KING CRIMSON/EMERSON, LAKE & PALMER-style.

HAWAII plays at two speeds; fast and even faster. I can understand how they weren’t exactly given a warm reception when they first played in their home town, but Hawaii doesn’t have many other Metal bands to their name, save for MAGNUM CARNAGE (i.e.: the only Hawaiian Metal band still actively playing since they formed). So, to any Hawaiian Metalheads, you have a new job to potentially fill. Let HAWAII be your inspiration!

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 5

4 Star Rating

1. Bad Boys of Metal
2. Loud, Wild and Heavy
3. Escape the Night (Vixen Cover)
4. Rhapsody in Black
Eddie Day - Lead Vocals
Marty Friedman - Guitar and Backing Vocals
Jeff Graves - Drums
Record Label: No Remorse Records


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