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Hawkwind – Onward

by Eric “Carnegie” Hall at 03 May 2012, 12:55 PM

Goddamnit, I just got back from my trip to the outer atmosphere of fucking Neptune and I’m very tired. If that last sentence doesn’t make it clear this album is very spacy, let me say right now this album is very spacy. It’s very spacy, in the same sense as a gigantic balloon that’s been undone at the base – and it has a similar fart sound as it flies.

I could do that thing many reviewers do in an attempt to make themselves look like they know more than they actually do (through use of Wikipedia, no doubt) by talking about HAWKWIND’s history and heavy influence on several more well-known, successful, better bands, and how they’ve achieved some success, but no one really gives a shit about them. But I’m not going to say that, because I really don’t care two shits from Sunday.

This is basically “Progressive Space Rock” – which to me is just a fancy way of saying that you put in a keyboard somewhere, lay on every guitar note for fifteen minutes straight, and sing in that deadpanned drawl some (not me) find appealing. To be honest, I don’t like Space Rock. I always found it too spacy. It’s really the kind of music that requires you to either be drifting through space in the International Space Station – or are so ragingly high you think you are. And while I enjoy doing the latter, I usually just listen to "The Dark Side of the Moon" and realize that’s the only album that ever did Space Rock well.

Well, we’re three paragraphs in and I haven’t even really said much about the album itself. What I don’t care for is boring guitar licks that spend ten minutes on one chord and don’t go anywhere, the ambient background noise of various instruments I couldn’t care to mention, the use of sound effects that don’t need to be used, or the singer and his boringness.

To be fair, I feel like I’m being unfair. I really don’t hate this album, but it definitely is trying to do something that’s not working. You are not PINK FLOYD, do not try to be. Remember, they only got good because they lost Syd Barrettto LSD use so prolonged and excessive it turned his brain to scrambled egg. Why the hellare you trying to emulate that? Don’t.

So, to conclude, it’s boring, ambient Space Rock that appeals to people who like boring, ambient Space Rock. That is not me. I’m going to go listen to "The Dark Side of the Moon" once I’m done here so I can remember how good Space Rock should sound – and that album is the onlyone. 

3 Star Rating

1. Seasons
2. The Hills Have Ears
3. Mind Cut
4. System Check
5. Death Trap
6. Southern Cross
7. The Prophecy
8. Electric Tears
9. The Drive By
10. Computer Cowards
11. Howling Moon
12. Right to Decide
13. Aerospace Age
14. The Flowering of the Rose
15. Trans Air Trucking
16. Deep Vents
17. Green Finned Demon
Dave Brock– Guitars/Keyboards/Vocals
Tim Blake– Keyboards/Theremin
Richard Chadwick– Drums/Vocals
Mr. Dibs Bass– Bass/Vocals
Niall Hone– Guitars/Bass
Record Label: Eastworld Recordings


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