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Hawkwind - Spacehawks

by Matthew Chernus at 21 October 2013, 10:29 PM

It is a sad state of affairs when most people only know of HAWKWIND as “Lemmy's old band”. While true that Mr. Kilmister put some celebrity focus on HAWKWIND, there are no traces of his influence on the band. Let’s be frank, it was HAWKWIND that influenced Lemmy with their drug laden, space worship that went against all other British waves of Rock N' Roll.

"Spacehawks" is a look into the recent past of a band that has a storied history. It is a collection of the old, the new and the revisited. A novel idea for a band that pushes the limits of what listeners will accept; HAWKWIND leads the charge and everyone else just falls in line. It’s been like that since the start with little having changed, their songs still challenging the public opinion of what it considers music.

The seventies are forty years gone; it is a much different world for most but HAWKWIND are debating this theory to the grave. “Masters Of The Universe” confuses the listener, part space Rock opera part video game background noise, melting minds with a cosmic laser tag game of guitar wanking. “Sacrosanct” follows with a childish jam that will mellow the mind of your toddler or freak out your stoned teen.

With a tour to follow, HAWKWIND are ready to let their freak flag fly once again; as comfortable in their skin now as ever they sound like anti-heroes from another planet. “We Two Are One” is as close to a love song as HAWKWIND offers, sweltering and gyrating, it is British jam Rock at its core, developing new layers and twirling into a frenzy of chaotic fuzz.

While we may never see enigmatic weirdo Nik Turner back in the fold, HAWKWIND is still providing a soundtrack to explore your intergalactic side to. Crank “Assault & Battery” at full blast and forget what year it is; time and space is irrelevant.

3 Star Rating

1. Seasons
2. Assault & Battery
3. Golden Void
4. Where Are They Now
5. Sonic Attack
6. Demented Man
7. We Two Are One
8. Masters of the Universe
9. Sacrosanct
10. Sentinel
11. It’s All Lies
12. Touch
13. The Chumps are Jumping
14. Lonely Moon
15. Sunship
Dave Brock – Vocals / Guitars / Keyboards
Richard Chadwick – Drums
Tim Blake – Keyboards / Theremin
Niall Hone – Bass  / Guitar  Vocals / Keyboards
Mr. Dibs – Vocals / Cello / Bass
Dead Fred – Keyboards / Violin / Vocals
Record Label: Eastworld Recordings


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