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Hazzerd - Delirium

by Quinten Serna at 07 February 2020, 9:42 AM

Invaders from the North, denizens of the infinite expanding frozen wastes, HAZZERD incorporates a multitude of different themes and scenarios to fuel their cathartic works - now approaching their eighth year together they have unveiled unto the world their second full release entitled “Delirium”. A lesson in patience, HAZZERD manage themselves with a focus on quality and ingenuity.

A prelude comprised of swept harmonies and accentuated rhythms, “Sacrifice Them (In The Name Of God)” opens up the LP foreshadowing the studious complexity laden within the record; just within the first track one can hear the mastery of interlacing between leading polyphony and the rhythmic progressions, the arpeggios and runs that weave themselves in and out of every section transitioning each piece between one another whilst never diverging or refocusing the listener’s attention. Starting on a bang, “A Tormented Reality” bounces in and out of accentuation with every snare strike before evening out for the verse progression yet returns to the motif - albeit it via a different implementation through staccato chords - for the chorus. “Victim Of A Desperate Mind”, at least initially, is built with the bass as the focus, the other instruments composed to accentuate the leading rhythm, before completely diverging and transitioning to a rhythmic progression for the verse. “Illuminated Truth” has about itself a powerful opening composed of reversed crescendos, fade-ins, and a stratified chord progression strengthened by the entire band. “The End” is the shortest song upon the 50 and a half minute album, though one of the best composed as it’s comprised of divisi acoustic guitars, a leading overdrive guitar and energetic bass.

The guitar work is exceptional throughout the entirety of the album proving that solos and compositions do not necessitate overly complex or too-quick-to-hear soloing in order to be considered amazing. The guitars are crispy and full, a savage and exacting combination that clearly defines the attitude and theme of the album. The bass is thick and voluminous filling in the deep end whilst managing to tell a story all its own, not completely dissimilar to THIN LIZZY - the drums are center weighted and distinctly on time, never missing a beat or a mark despite all the transitions and change-ups that occur and the vocals are mixed at the perfect volume in comparison to the other instruments on the tracks.

Amidst the still waters of mainstream obsolescence exists niche and undertow bands pursuing music for the sake of music, wherein they are inclined to discover mastery of their craft and design - HAZZERD is no exception and manages themselves a cut above the rest by carving their own musical soundscape completely independent of the thoroughfare of conventional Thrash Metal. Anyone that bears any amount of care, interest, or reverence for Thrash Metal would most likely find themselves jamming, at least once, to the magnitude that is “Delirium” by HAZZERD.

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Sacrifice Them (In The Name Of God)
2. A Tormented Reality
3. Sanctuary For The Mad
4. Victim Of A Desperate Mind
5. Call Of The Void
6. Dead In The Shed
7. Illuminated Truth
8. Waking Nightmare
9. The Decline
10. The End
David Sprague - Bass
Dylan Westendorp - Vocals, Drums
Brendan Malycky - Guitars
Toryin Schadlich - Guitars
Record Label: M-Theory Audio


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