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Head in a Jar- Free from the Fridge

Head in a Jar
Free from the Fridge
by John Foley at 11 July 2020, 12:29 AM

HEAD IN A JAR are a thrash metal madness four piece coming all the way from Sydney, Australia. They have been going since around 2011 and this marks their first album release with “Free from the Fridge” which was released unto the world back in April 2020.

Kicking things off we have “Comtroller of Nightmares” and right from the get go we get a blast of what really sounds like some old school thrash metal with some thundering double bass pedal action from the drums. They wasted no time in showing what they are all about here. The next song is then “Androidz Anonymous” with its lyrics of robots taking over human bodies like an invasion of the body snatchers story. And to top it off we get the band sounding very much like ANTHRAX and EXODUS“Slave to the Microwave” is another really good tune on the album. It starts with a guitar riff that really hooks you in and a verse that is very reminiscent of SLAYER. It has lyrics about evil junk food and also includes a really cool middle section and guitar solo.

The title track “Free from the Fridge” is definitely a stand out track. Very MEGADETH sounding intro with an evil sounding Middle section. Lyrics to this one are really fun as its food wanting revenge for being held captive in the fridge. “You Must be This Tall (to Die)” opens with a killer sounding thrash metal riff and ends in a full on metal assault for its outro. Lyrics for this from what I could tell is about a killer roller coaster. HEAD IN A JAR definitely like to have fun with their lyrical content.

“Betty Vs Yeti” can only be described as 45 seconds of pure Thrashing metal madness. Then we get to the final song on the album, “Hell Beach”. When the song starts off it has a very different feel to the rest of the album, almost a hard rock sort of sound. Then we are pulled back into the old school thrash metal sound that has dominated “Free from the Fridge”. It has lyrics that describe hell as a sunny beach and a really cool and heavy middle section. Great way to close out the album.

HEAD IN A JAR have a very old school thrash metal sound that sounds very influenced by the legendary San Diego Bay Area thrash scene from the early 80’s. you can really hear the likes of ANTHRAX, EXODUS and SLAYER in parts of these songs. Some of the songs are very short and it leaves the listener wanting more. What must be pointed out are the bands goofy lyrics with some very out their subject matters. They kind of remind me a little of EVIL SCARECROW from Nottingham, U.K as they have similar lyrics mixed with heavy music combo. But it also must be said that “Free from the Fridge” is a really fun album and well worth checking out.

Song writing : 8
Musicianship : 8
Memorability : 7
Production : 7

3 Star Rating

1. Comtroller of Nightmares
2. Androidz Anonymous
3. Dess Und Hekk
4. Slave to the Microwave
5. Strechin’ the Friendship
6. Free from the Fridge
7. Biological Blitzkrieg
8. Kingdom of the Forest Crones
9. Big Punch in Little Lunch
10. You Must Be This Tall (to Die)
11. Betty Vs Yeti
12. Hell Beach
Nick Coady – Guitar and Vocals
Gordy Whyte – Guitar and Vocals
Adrian Suljanovic – Bass
Marcus Alvarez – Drums
Record Label: Independent


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