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Head Of The Demon - Self-Titled Award winner

Head Of The Demon
by Spyros Stasis at 04 February 2013, 4:51 PM

When the last SATURNALIA TEMPLE album, “Aion Of Drakon” (by the way great record definitely worth a listen if you like Doom Metal), was released in 2011, I started wondering what their previous member, Konstantin, was doing. The former SATURNALIA TEMPLE and KAAMOS guitarist did not have any ongoing projects at that time. But thankfully he has now returned with his new band HEAD OF THE DEMON to blow our minds once again.

HEAD OF THE DEMON is nowhere near the Death Metal onslaught that KAAMOS were unleashing in the early and mid 00s, it is much closer though to the very first demo of SATURNALIA TEMPLE, called “UR”, therefore a Doom / Black Metal hybrid of different sort, with their main lyrical theme being H.P. Lovecraft’s works. And believe me when I say that the Great Old Ones will be very pleased with this offering.

The absolute highlight of the album is the guitars. Seriously the melodies that the band has to forge is unreal, mainly because they managed to maintain their doom metal roots (which are quite obvious) but also add that eerie Black Metal feel to the parts, it is quite sickening when you come to think about it. Something that you might find a bit irritating is that the tracks seem to be a bit monotonous, believe me at first I did not like that either, but there is a point to that. Basically you have a sense of being disoriented while listening to the album, consider it an acid trip that went terribly wrong and you have landed on the dreamlike outer realms in the presence of Azathoth and Nyarlathotep. Songs like “Phantasmagoria” are an example of how HEAD OF THE DEMON uses slow pace and repetition to hypnotize the listener.
Musically now, the main influence of the band is obviously CELTIC FROST, the vocals also are influenced by Tom G. Fischer and with the use of effects sound daunting, but at the same time although they can be considered extreme they are quite easily comprehensible, there are even some clean bits, for example in “The Key” which manage to bring forth an ambiance you would feel only if you were present to an incantation (to Yog Sothoth probably). The organ sound on the song helps as well. When you add to that the great ideas that the band is implementing on the melodies, for example the intro of “The Man from Foreign Land” and the awe-inspiring outro of “Fifth House of the Mausoleum” and then consider the abilities of the band when it comes to crafting atmosphere, like the strongest track of the album “They Lie And Wait – Riding The Waste”, you cannot do anything else than bow to HEAD OF THE DEMON. Then only thing that annoys me is that I just listened to the album now and I have already submitted my favorite releases of 2012 list, otherwise it would certainly found its way in there.

This is an album you need to listen to, either if you are a Doom Metal fan, a Death Metal fan or if you like music that is dark and sinister. If you think that those types of music are too much for you then you better stay away. But if that does not frighten you then go forth, let the Outer Gods whisper to you through the threshold.

4 Star Rating

1. By Titan Hand
2. They Lie In Wait – Riding The Waste
3. Phantasmagoria
4. The Man From Foreign Land
5. The Key
6. Fifth House of the Mausoleum
7. Wrath From The Unknown
Thomas - Percussion
Konstantin – Guitars / Bass
Saibot – Vocals
Record Label: The Ajna Offensive


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