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Headcrusher - Death Comes With Silence

Death Comes With Silence
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 30 July 2017, 10:28 PM

The South American intensity on American soil, and nowadays, it appears to fit better and better. There is no escape from the Colombian immigrants, as they came to crush and preach their social doctrine and immense criticism upon a world that has been undergoing through changes. HEADCRUSHER, now based in Austin, Texas, have been in the business for quite some time, developing their musical direction and sound. Already been around with two releases, and after four years of silence since their last EP, punctured the skin of 2017 and unleashed their third “Death Comes With Silence”, still on their own accord without a label support.

As if a stone block was thrown at me, waking up I could only mention later SEPULTURA. Metaphorically speaking, this is what happened when I first listened to “Death Comes With Silence”, however, I believe that HEADCRUSHER added extra juice to their prospect. Deploying modern Thrash Metal, which has several early 90s remnants, there is a fine edition of contemporary Hardcore and a good dosage of Death Metal, creating an impressive mixture of ferocity that quite good. I would have preferred at least a minimal melodic forge, yet I was absorbed by enough well written riffs that took my attention. Also, the band’s ample tempo changes, crossing between subgenres so fast had me intrigued, and with good dexterity.

I have always thought that deep within the aggression that have been transpired in extreme South American Metal, there is a kind of obscure mysticism, an understanding that within the emotive storm that has been applying of the constant social decay. In overall, through the raging waters of “Death Comes With Silence” I could sense the sort of desperation, and it sounded genuine. The brutal “Eternal Butchery” conveys the band’s intense experience, the album’s driving wheel while “Trails of Devastation”, even with its blackened spirit, shows a slightly melodic signature that isn’t common for the band. “Black Hearted Demons” also had me going as one of the album’s promises, portraying a great example of diverse modern Death Metal. Also to be checked out: “Death Comes With Silence” and “A Plague Upon Us”.

I trust that with the addition of melodies, this album could have gone far off the charts, nonetheless, it seems that there is a lot of heart in this group and it is possible that it will draw the American audience with its determination.

Purchase Link: Headcrusher

3 Star Rating

1. Ignis Fatuus
2. Seismal
3. A Plague Upon Us
4. Black Hearted Demons
5. Trails of Devastation
6. Intermission
7. Fatal Error
8. Eternal Butchery
9. Death Comes With Silence
10. I am Death (Outro)
11. Gritos Del Sur
Alejandro Ospina - Drums
Carlos Ramirez - Guitar
David Coloma - Guitar
Gustavo Calderon - Bass
Kike Valderrama - Vocals
Record Label: Independent


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