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Headhunter - Parasite Of Society (CD)

Parasite Of Society
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 04 April 2008, 1:50 PM

Whoa! I was really hoping for a great comeback when I heard that HEADHUNTER are going to release a new album, but this is definitely not what I expected! Something that started as a musician's way to express his musical ideas after he left his former band, evolved into a Metal war machine that sends shivers down your spine with merciless thrashing. Schmier's latest offerings with his legendary German Thrash Metal chariot DESTRUCTION have definitely met my expectations. Can he do the same thing with HEADHUNTER?

HEADHUNTER were born in 1990, when Schmier got fired from DESTRUCTION. The band only lived for about 5 or 6 years, since they split up in 1995/96. The band managed to release 3 full-length albums, the first through Virgin Records and the other two through Major Records. Schmier returned to DESTRUCTION, but as it seems the HEADHUNTER thing was still burning in the trio's hearts. The band got reactivated and signed a contract with AFM Records to release its fourth album.

The Thrash/Power Metal act is back with its new weapon, Parasite Of Society. Schmier's harsh vocals and thrashy bass lines are combined with Michael's relentless yet technical drumming (let's not forget that this guy has played in bands like RAGE, STRATOVARIUS, SAXON and RUNNING WILD) and Hoffmann's melodic shreds. Basically, for you that do not know about this band, we could say that HEADHUNTER is a Power Metal version of DESTRUCTION. The band's new songs are definitely really nice featuring the necessary dose of melody, heaviness and catchy riffing. You like raw, melodic original Metal with attitude and balls? Then these German maniacs will definitely offer it to you.

Regarding the not so good side of this album. How did this band decide to release another album? Aren't there enough reunions taking place already? I am sorry to say it, but I strongly believe that the German trio is just into the whole thing for some extra money. It is hard for me to believe that they do it just for fun. One more thing that was not such a good choice in my humble opinion was that the new album features two cover songs. Not only I believe that two covers are more than enough for a band of this level, but I also believe that the SKID ROW cover should be better put aside. Schmier and his mates may have created a classic, yet cool cover of PRIEST's Rapid Fire, but 18 And Life was not such a good idea. It sounds cold and empty.

So, I put all of my thoughts down and tried to end up on what my rating should be. The fact is that it is surely not a bad album, to tell you the truth it is really good and heavy, but the whole atmosphere seems too fake to me. Even though this album can treat you nice with some pure rawness, the fact is that I don't see any passion in here. Anyway, if you just want good music and you don't spend your time with ideological bullshit, check it out without having second thoughts.


3 Star Rating

3rd Man Introduction
Parasite Of Society
Doomsday For The Prayer
18 And Life (SKID ROW Cover)
Read My Lips
Backs To The Wall
The Calling
Payback Time
Rapid Fire (JUDAS PRIEST Cover)
Marcel Schmier Schirmer - Vocals, Bass
Uwe Schmuddel Hoffmann - Guitar
Jorg Michael - Drums
Record Label: AFM Records


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