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Headshot - Eyes of the Guardians Award winner

Eyes of the Guardians
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 07 December 2022, 1:18 PM

As time passed by, Thrash Metal felt into the underground scene in the early years of the 90’s, in part the ‘blame’ can be laid on the shoulders of the radicalism of the fans of the 80’s, to the commercial ascension of Alternative Rock/Metal tendencies (that were a refreshing wind on those days), and to the shifts on the musical market. The 90’s were trouble to Thrash Metal, and all fans must pay some respect for those that supported those days, as the German quintet HEADSHOT, a veteran and fighter with almost 30 years of career. And to celebrate the coming anniversary, here is “Eyes of the Guardian”, their latest album.

Violent, abrasive and technical, the band’s work is based on influences of aggressive acts of Bay Area Thrash Metal acts, but obviously some influences of traditional Heavy Metal can be heard (on the guitar solos and duets) and even of Hard Rock (pay attention to melodic care used in some moments of “Ground Zero” to check this aspect).  It’s brutal in fast and slower moments, but with a very good set of melodic arrangements, and with a massive energy that’s hard to resist to. If you’re a Thrash Metal fan, this album is clearly for you. For such kind of music, the production must be done in a way that can combine a fierce and aggressive approach with a clear sonority. And the work of the band at PureSonic Studio under the guidance of Jost Schlüter fits into such model: dry, brutal and aggressive, but clean in a form that’s impossible to not understand what’s being expressed.

“Eyes of the Guardian” isn’t presenting a new model for Thrash Metal, but the personality of the band pulses in all the songs. And for a first time on the album, the best experience is guaranteed by “Burned (One by One)” (a fierce, fast and abrasive moment based on rocky and heavy work of bass guitar and drums on the rhythms), “Eyes of the Guardians” (another fast song with aggressiveness bleeding from the speakers, but with very good melodies arising from the guitars), “Ground Zero” (a more melodic moment of the album with slow tempos and a combination between Thrash Metal and Hard Rock-like melodies that enables the harsh expressiveness of the vocals reach another level), “Divide Et Impera” (a fine moment for enter the mosh pit due its massive energy and fast hooking rhythms), “Under a Blood Red Sky” (another abrasive and slow moment on the album, again with some mixed elements from Thrash Metal and JUDAS PRIEST-like melodies expressed by the guitars), “Veins of the Earth” (a brutal grasp is imposed in the ears due the very good technical insight, and what lovely harsh vocals), and “Invisible” (a 9 minutes very good and Jazz-like technical instrumental parts that bleeds in melodies and groove, and with nasty vocals as well).

Of course a veteran bears the scars of time, and all of them can be heard on “Eyes of the Guardian”. But these scars made HEADSHOT strong enough to be here after all those years, and as aggressive as always. Listen to it and blow your ears to pieces!

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 9
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Burned (One by One)
2. Eyes of the Guardians
3. Scars of Damnation
4. Ground Zero
5. Tentacular (Part 1)
6. Divide Et Impera
7. Under a Blood Red Sky
8. The Impenetrable Maze
9. Veins of the Earth
10. Invisible
Daniela Karrer - Vocals
Olaf Danneberg - Guitars
Max Hunger - Guitars, Bass
Ben Heber - Bass
Till Hartmann - Drums
Record Label: MDD Records


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