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Headshrinker – Callous Indifference Award winner

Callous Indifference
by Quinten Serna at 10 August 2021, 2:22 AM

The marring circumstance of doubt and misery culminate—together and independent—unto a force known to many and devastating to even more, that which invokes fear, indignation, and scornful inflection; within the confines of Callous Indifference such sensations are explored and given a kind of ephemeral life, a substance that permeates into the listener’s fortitude drilling in darker impulses at the behest of HEADSHRINKER.

Commencing with the track, “The Burn Of Indifference,” the album makes it well known that it has a message behind it resounding on the motif of reckless abandon. The sudden change between a hastened and savage progression to that of dismal and dreary notes brings to mind sharp pangs at the nexus of the juxtaposition; the song builds in intensity to that of an even faster progression ending on such. “Immolated Witches” begins with exacting homophony as the lead follows the rhythm in all aspects, an interesting approach the divisi of the guitars continues into the verse and merges into a singular progression following its end; the sheer force of the instrumentation is something keen throughout the entirety of the song, where despite its aspects changing between different phrases the instruments offer a cascading torrent of severity and emphasis.

Haunted By Your Reflection” starts with a clean center panned guitar, dissonant but pure, the adjoining vocals herald the track transition unto a heavier movement struck somewhere between Black and Doom Metal, the song then continues changing between dynamics finally ending on a headbanging riff. The shortest track on the album, “Suffocating Tomb,” offers a barrage of shifting intensities, times, and dynamics that the whole of the song is permeated with such a great amount of these at no point does it offer any manner of resolution even managing to end on pure dissonance.

The instrumentation is quite grand in performance and reception that each is housed within its own sonic space unique from one another and yet similar enough to merge into a bigger image without issue. The bass is particularly bright but fits well within the mix bottoming out the rest of the band but managing to be piercing nonetheless; the guitars are separate in tone but never overwhelm one another to any degree being mixed in a near perfect capacity, in doing so their strength comes from building off of one another in rhythmic dynamics whether it be polyphony, straight rhythm, or absolute dissonance; the drums tie everyone together without being lost in the mix or creating deafening distension; and lastly, the vocals are a breed all their own modeling depravity and desperation with every syllable and scream form fitted to accentuate the caustic elements of each song.

Of Death Metal and beyond, Callous Indifference, carves a niche for itself as a violent but subtle piece one that attempts to be introspective and self-inflicting managing to achieve both for the most part. For anyone tempered in metaphysics or anyone just looking for a heavy laden album to thrash too either would find solace in HEADSHRINKER’s debut.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. The Burn Of Indifference
2. Cadaver’s Mind
3. Immolated Witches
4. Wretched Souls
5. Lost To This Insomnia
6. Haunted By Your Reflection
7. Suffocating Tomb
8. No Lineage Shall Follow
Frank Lato – Bass
Pete Webber – Drums
Scott Skopec – Guitars
Young Werther – Guitars, Vocals, Synth, and Extra Instruments
Record Label: Independent


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Edited 03 February 2023

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