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Hearse - Single Ticket To Paradise (CD)

Single Ticket To Paradise
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 01 August 2009, 6:25 PM

This band does not carry a big history, but its members surely do since they are not some kind of amateurs in the Metal scene. The history of this band started back in 2001, one year after an unpleasant situation in the ARCH ENEMY camp. Wait, still didn't get it? Doesn't the name Johan Liiva ring a bell? Ok, let's have a brief history class then…

During the early 90's, a Swedish Death Metal band emerged from Vaxjo, named FURBOWL (damn, Shark Heaven still remains a fine piece of Swedish Death Metal). That band featured Johan Liiva as a vocalist and drummer Max Thornell. The band disappeared sometime in the mid 90's and these two musicians had the chance to meet once again after Liiva's departure from ARCH ENEMY (he was a kickass singer no matter what you say). Immediately after leaving he formed HEARSE and started paving his own path.

HEARSE is definitely a unique band, just like FURBOWL was. To tell you the truth, when I see the name HEARSE, it is like I see something like fuck you ARCH ENEMY, I can do better on my own! And it is more than obvious than he can do way better! If you haven't had the chance to listen to this band, forget about the ARCH ENEMY melodic modern stuff. This band is all about pure Swedish Death Metal with some hard rocking Death & Roll touches that spice it up for sure!

Johan's vocals remain incredible, Mattias is fucking rocking like a beast and Thornell's drums have Nicke Andersson's stench all over them, and that's definitely a good thing! God, this FURBOWL meets DISMEMBER meets ENTOMBED meets lava hot Hard Rock is just amazing! And let's mention here that the mastering was done by the one and only Dan Swano, who has become a real professor in the genre! The sound is combining heavy guitars with the essential rotten aesthetic this music needs.

I always argued about the two ARCH ENEMY eras, supporting that Liiva was way more passionate and talented than Gossow. Most of the people disagree, but I am really curious to see what they will say when they listen to this little masterpiece. Well done HEARSE!

4 Star Rating

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Johan Liiva - Vocals
Mattias Ljung - Guitar
Max Thornell - Drums
Jocke Knutsson - Session/Live Bass
Record Label: Vic Records


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