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Heart Attack - The Resilience

Heart Attack
The Resilience
by V. Srikar at 07 July 2017, 8:21 AM

What happens when Hardcore Punk and New School Thrash Metal make love and have a baby? You end up getting HEART ATTACK’s “The Resilience”. The French quartet released their 2nd full length album this March, and it makes me want to just talk (or in this case write) more and more about the sound on offer here. The album starts with a 1:38 min intro in “Nocturnal Sight”, which is a melodic slow guitar work, with both the guitars in work here actually. “Burn My Flesh” starts with a flurry of rhythmic drum and guitar work, before going full on aggressive. The song is modern day Thrash with Hardcore/Punk influences infused in between. The vocals of Kevin Geyer is reminiscent of Chuck Billy of TESTAMENT and works great for the band’s sound. The neck breaking riffs of “Congrats to People” remind me of WARBRINGER and the constant urge to mosh. “Fight to Overcome” is much more of a Death Metal-ish song with Thrash vocals, as the riffs get thicker and groovier and as a listener, you will find yourself headbanging constantly. Although it must be noted that, the band seems to have traded innovation for catchiness, and I have mixed feelings towards that.

Sound and Light” starts with train wreck fast paced riffs before turning into a song with emotional angry lyrics, but not without some juicy hair lifting riffs. The vocals get much thicker and nastier with “When the Light Dies Down”, but the Hardcore/Punk-ish feel is kept along all the way throughout the song, with a few solos being sprinkled along in the middle. The next 3 songs is just one great train wreck with great solos in between and are just tailor-made for the band’s live shows, but honestly lack enough variety amongst them. The album ends with a long 8 min song in “The Resilience”. The band tries to create something different and ‘epic’ here, but the song lacks both meat and variety (even with its all melodic guitar solos) and quickly ends up testing the patience of the listener, which is sad because the album has some great moments in it.

Pick up “The Resilience” blindly if you are just looking for a good Hardcore Thrash band with some juicy groovy riffs, but not if you are looking for artistic innovation or any other genre significant parts in here. The band does try to bring in more variety and flavour occasionally with their guitar solos, and even melodic guitar work, but it’s not enough and was not just unique enough to catch my attention, amidst the barrage of Punk-ish fast riffs.

Songwriting: 5
Originality: 5
Memorability: 6
Production: 8

3 Star Rating

1. Nocturnal Sight
2. Burn My Flesh
3. Congrats to People
4. Fight to Overcome
5. Sound and Light
6. When the Light Dies Down
7. Dead and Gone
8. Feed the Fire
9. Disorder
10. The Resilience
Kevin Geyer – Vocals, Rhythm Guitars
Chris Cesari – Lead Guitars
Christophe Icard - Drums
Tony Junior Amato - Bass
Record Label: Apathia Records


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