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Heart Of Sun - Heart Of Sun (CD)

Heart Of Sun
Heart Of Sun
by Ian Kaatz at 22 December 2007, 2:21 PM

Nightmare Records has once again unleashed another Prog Metal band to the world with HEART OF SUN.  There are some interesting things happening on this record and it took some spins to absorb this release.  While I found some good stuff I also found some other stuff as well.
HEART OF SUN began in 2005 with members from DOOMSWORD, TIME MACHINE, FIURACH, and ARKHE.  They finished the recording this album by the end of 2006 and then signed to Nightmare and Galileo Records in 2007.
Let me begin by saying that I am a Power Metal guy and this release is very Prog and it takes a lot for me to enjoy Prog. With HEART OF SUN I hear lots of parts I like, but entire songs. For instance, when I listen to the second track on the album, The Last Experiment, there are lots of really good heavy parts, but just when those parts start to develop they kind of meander away. I also think that the soloing and long intros are a little excessive. I did find two tracks that I enjoyed from beginning to end they are Not Through Our Eyes and Solar Wind.  I thought both songs while they had the parts that I mentioned before with the long intros and excessive soloing; I thought in these particular songs they meshed really well with the rest of the song.  The highlight of both tracks though is the melodies that Pino uses and the way that intertwine with the music it is really stellar.
While I want to enjoy this release more, because the musicianship is definitely there, I just find it hard to soak up.  I would recommend this people……who know I cant even think who to recommend this because I cant think of other bands that sound like this since I don't normally listen to them. HEART OF SUN is ultra Prog Metal with lots intricacies and rocks to turn over if you really listen and think about the music, unfortunately that just isn't for me.

3 Star Rating

Res Amissa
The Last Experiment
Not Through Our Eyes
Evil Tree
Into The Black Hole
Proxima Centauri
The Invention Of God
Solar Wind
Sea of Tranquility
Pino Tozzi - Vocals
Gianluca Ferro - Guitars And Programming
Mark Vikar - Keyboards, Noise And Programming
Davide Betelli - Bass And Synth Bass
Sigfrido Percich - Drums
Record Label: Nightmare Records


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