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Hearts & Hand Grenades - Between the Lines Award winner

Hearts & Hand Grenades
Between the Lines
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 06 October 2021, 8:31 AM

Since a long time ago, women came into the Rock scene to occupy places that were exclusive for men. The rebel essence of Rock ‘n’ Roll is for everyone equally, so if one has problem to deal with this feature, honestly, it’s better for this one to look for another musical genre to listen to. Since Sister Rosetta Tharpe (the Godmother of Rock ‘n’ Roll) started to make mixes between musical ways that resulted on Rock ‘n’ Roll, all kinds of preconception had to fall. And women have nothing to prove to anyone, and the North American quartet HEARTS & HAND GRENADES is a fine example of this idea, as can be hear on “Between the Lines”.

Greasy and bittersweet, the musical ways of the band is that old and good North American approach of Hard Rock, based on strong melodies and catchy choruses, along with influences of Southern Rock, Blues Rock and Country Rock in some moments. The formula isn’t new, but the way they deal with it is really excellent, full of personality and with an amazing crude energy. Yes, it’s truly great and lovely, and a good experience to hear. The band enlisted Justin Rose for the production of “Between the Lines”. The main conception for the sonority seems to be the most organic and raw possible, focusing on what the band can play on shows (with simple instrumental tunes using an abrasive approach), but guided by a sense of clarity and definition. And it’s really excellent!

Spontaneous and full of energy, “Between the Lines” is an album easy to hear and like. But to have the clear idea of what the quartet is up to, take a listen to “Scream It Out” (an insane, savage and catchy song, based on excellent melodies and vocals), “Black Sunset” and “Between the Lines” (another sets of harsh and catchy melodies, but with an accessible insight, using a very simple and strong approach on bass guitar and drums playing on both), “Beautiful Pain” (a slow paced and abrasive song, with a great set of guitar riffs and arrangements on the contrasts between distorted and introspective parts), “Illogical” (another massive impact of dirty guitars infused with nasty and catchy melodies), and “Moonlight” (a savage and beautiful ballad-like song) are the ones for it.

So “Between the Lines” is a very good release. But HEARTS & HAND GRENADES still can evolve to become a giant in their musical genre. Their work is good and allows them to go to a higher level.

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 9
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Scream It Out
2. Black Sunset
3. Between the Lines
4. Secret
5. Tragedy
6. Beautiful Pain
7. Bad Medicine
8. Illogical
9. Wait
10. Moonlight
Stephanie Wlosinski - Vocals, Bass
Mike Bress - Guitar, Keyboards
Kenny Blesy - Lead Guitar
Tom Lafferty - Drums
Record Label: Eclipse Records


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