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Heathen Beast – The Revolution will not be Televised but it will be Heard

Heathen Beast
The Revolution will not be Televised but it will be Heard
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 16 July 2020, 12:40 PM

HEATHEN BEAST believes in no God and no religion. We write about the world and its religion as we see it, we write about how it encompasses and controls the masses in our country India. Our music symbolizes self-belief and the fact that we choose our own path and make our own destiny. There is no God that writes your life and not everything that is bad in this world is a consequence of that karma. You are responsible. HEATHEN BEAST plays a form of brutal metal to connect with those who think like we do. “The Revolution will not be Televised but it will be Heard” contains twelve tracks.

“Fuck CAA” leads us off. It sounds like Hardcore to me. With one steady note being piled into the ground, and shouted vocals. Death vocals also come into play, and I can see why this is an independent release. “Fuck NPRNRC” opens with some spoken words, and then that same marching rhythm and low E chord come back into play. I get the feeling we are not going to get much in the way of diversity here. “Fuck Modi Shah” also opens with spoken word, in their native language, followed by an onslaught of guitars, bass, drums and vocals. It is completely devoid of melody. As is often the case in the genre of Brutal Death Metal, a lot is demanded of the drummer, and Mimamsa keeps up.

“Fuck the BJP” features breakneck speeds and utter chaos. This barely qualifies as music in the traditional sense, but I get that the artists have their own views and ideas when it comes to music. “Fucl your Self-Proclaimed God” also opens with spoken female vocals in English, followed again by impossibly fast and brutal music. One thing is for sure—they know how to play in the genre. “Fuck your Police Brutality” also opens with brief spoken female vocals, and then the chaos ensues. Mimamsa is asked to practically beat the drums into the ground, making them nearly unusable for the next track. “Fuck the RSS” repeats the pattern of the previous track. Repetition is something you are going to have to get used to hearing here on the album, because that’s all you really get here.

“Fuck the Godi Media” repeats the previous tracks nearly to a T, though the riff does venture out just a bit. “Fuck your Whatsapp University” repeats the pattern. I have to ask…how can anyone enjoy this kind of music? Other than it wanting me to break everything around me, it has little value as “music.” “Fuck your Hindu Rashtra” is really the first song to open without spoken word, and features a discernible riff in the beginning, which is replaced fairly quickly by chaotic riffing and machine gun drumming. “Fuck the Economy (Modi already has)” is back to spoken word, this time male and in English, and then the madness ensues. “Fuck the Congress” is a short, one-minute tirade of spoken word.

Overall, I see the album as more of a statement of the band’s politics, which is fine, as I love political discussions and agree with many of their song titles here. But as music, it is pretty bad. 12 songs of nearly exactly the same material made for a pretty tough listening experience. I suppose fans of Brutal Death Metal could find some things to their liking here, but it is pretty hard for me to champion much of anything, besides the lyrical content.

Songwriting: 2
Musicianship: 4
Memorability: 1
Production: 5

1 Star Rating

1. Fuck CAA
2. Fuck NPRNRC
3. Fuck Modi Shah
4. Fuck the BJP
5. Fuck your Self-Proclaimed God
6. Fuck your Police Brutality
7. Fuck the RSS
8. Fuck you Godi Media
9. Fuck your Whatsapp University
10. Fuck your Hindu Rashtra
11. Fuck the Economy (Modi already has)
12. Fuck the Congress
Carvaka – Vocals/Guitars
Samkhya – Bass
Mimamsa – Drums
Record Label: Independent


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