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Heaven Below - Good Morning Apocalypse Award winner

Heaven Below
Good Morning Apocalypse
by Jessica R. Harman at 24 January 2017, 10:17 AM

HEAVEN BELOW, Hard Rockers born in the United States of America in 2008, is back after many other releases with their fourth full-length album “Good Morning Apocalypse”. This album is a story telling album of a man who’s wife had died and he became so lost he begins to dabble in the dark arts for any kind of connection to the dead world. “Good Morning Apocalypse” comes in with twelve tracks and a listening time of just a hair under an hour.

The open track, “Nefarious Angels” starts the story off by a solider and spoken. Then starts the heavy and hard rock coming through. The vocals remind me of an 80’s rock band. Something you would hear on your classic rock station. The musical elements are a Hard Rock inspired with a Groovy feeling.  “Renegade Protest Movement”, track two, is a high-energy piece with powerful vocals. It starts with the vocals coming in with no instrumental backup. It’s a powerful statement, made for a power statement track. “Renegade Protest Movement” is the classic rebellion piece ending with sirens showing just what protesters hear.

Track three, “Follow Me Under” is my favorite track on the album. The vocals are perfect with their raspy harshness and the musical elements just mesh and work so well together. Everything is so intricately intertwined here. The guitars shred it up and the bass and drums work so closely here that there is absolute beauty in what they do.  “Nightfall Comes to Life”, track five, starts off with a phone going dead, along with a sound of lullabies followed by a demon’s voice. The story starts of slower, but the sound grows and so do the vocals. This track is much darker than most of the others here. There is a Gothic feel to this one, especially with the choir ending.  Track seven, “Running Under Satan’s Hand”, is an interesting track. It comes in bassy and gritty vocals. The backing vocals are women, which allows for breaking of the mostly men vocals from the start. The energy in this track is phenomenal. The elements presented here are creative and allow the listener to get a better idea of the different music these guys can create.

Bonded By Blood”, track nine, is so very low at the start and made me think there was going to a grandiose high energy shift, but there wasn’t, and some how it still made it an incredible track. The music is a little one the sexier side and the vocals are little higher pitched with some incredible riffage. This track is another one of their perfect pieces on the album.  The final track, “I Would Do it All Again/Burials at Sunset” is the final chapter of the story, where the wife’s body was found, and the man is a person if interest. The track is slow. It’s a final note of hurt with a guitar solo that is absolutely stunning. This track says goodbye, literally and metaphorically. What a superb ending.

The transitions between each track make for a unique story telling technique. HEAVEN BELOW blew this album out of the water. For the lover of Hard Rock, clean vocals, and some kick ass musicianship. “Good Morning Apocalypse” has guitars that produce new riffage, drums that only enhance, and a bass that keeps everything stitched together. Take a listen to this Hard Rock gold mine.

Songwriting: 10
Originality: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Nefarious Angels
2. Renegade Protest Movement
3. Follow Me Under
4. Devilina and the Damage Done
5. Nightfall Comes to Life
6. Killing the Deadman
7. Running Under Satan’s Hand
8. Death Battalion
9. Bonded By Blood
10. Black Sunrise/War of the Gods
11. Among the Wolves/Worldwide Suicide
12. I Would Do it All Again/Burials at Sunset
Patrick Kennison – Vocals and guitars
Lucas Kanopa - Guitars
John Younger - Bass
Shad Wilhelm - Drums
Record Label: EMP Label Group


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