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Heaven & Earth - V

Heaven & Earth
by Kevin Lewis at 15 September 2021, 2:29 PM

HEAVEN & EARTH is a Los Angeles based US hard rock/heavy metal band formed in 2000. Their latest record, simply known as "V," was released on July 16, 2021 via Frontiers SRL Records. Using a single guitar and prominent keyboards, this is a band the channels the 70s and 80s classics while adding new techniques and technology to sound old and new at the same time.

The record begins with “Drive,” a bass heavy and keyboard heavy intro song that has a nice groovy drum neat and a solid, melodic guitar riff. The riff is catchy and the vocals powerful, almost belted in many sections. There is nothing complicated about this song. It’s a straight-forward rock song that you could hear on the radio now, or could have 30 years ago. The classic rock roots and influences shine through on this track.

Next, we have “Beautiful.” The heavier use of backing vocals on this track give it a bit bigger feel. The sound is massive. The guitar riff drives hard and the keyboards add depth that builds the song up to greater heights. Meanwhile, “Never Dream Of Dying” feels more modern. The keyboards give it a newer, more technologically advanced sound. The contrast for these two songs is like classic rock and an almost glam/hair metal power ballad.

Two songs that really harken to the past are “Flim Flam Man” and “Big Money Little Man.” Both sound like they are channeling DEEP PURPLE and RAINBOW. The main difference is the era. “Flim Flam Man” sounds like 70s era DEEP PURPLE while “Big Money Little Man” almost sounds like the guitar riff from “Man On The Silver Mountain.” This is a serious dose of nostalgia. My classic rock self loves hearing these songs.

Wrapping the record up is the almost ballad-like “At The End Of The Day.” The song is melodic and dramatic. The keyboards add a lot of emotion to the feel of the tune with a very Jon Lord/Bob Daisley sound. The guitars are '80s Hard Rock and the rhythm section just slowly holds up the entire composition with a nice, even beat that never gets ahead of itself. The vocals linger through the verses and soar through the chorus. The guitar solo leaves you feeling fulfilled. This is the prefect wrap up song.

HEAVEN & EARTH don’t try to be anything they’re not. They seem to be perfectly happy working in the classic rock/80s AOR area. This is the music that fueled an entire generation. This is the type of music you went to an arena to see live. This is the continuation of the trends that sees a lot of bands retiring or going on farewell tours. This could be the new sound of the '70s and '80s. That may sound weird, but this throwback sound really hits home.

Songwriting:  8
Musicianship:  9
Memorability:  8
Production:  8

4 Star Rating

1. Drive
2. Beautiful
3. Never Dream of Dying
4. Ship of Fools
5. Poverty
6. Flim Flam Man
7. One in A Million Men
8. Little Black Dress
9. Big Money Little Man
10. Running from The Shadows
11. Nothing to Me
12. At the End Of The Day
Gianluca Petralia – Vocals
Lynn Sorensen – Bass/Vocals
Simon Wright – Drums
Stuart Smith – Guitar
George Barabas – Keyboards
Mike Mangan – Additional Keyboards
Record Label: Frontiers SRL


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