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Heaven In Black – My Twisted Mind

Heaven In Black
My Twisted Mind
by Nitsan "Moonchild" Cohen at 15 June 2015, 8:33 PM

I myself am not the greatest fan of Melodic-Death metal, yet of all kinds of Death, the most Melodic ones are my favorite. Even though the chances of HEAVEN IN BLACK to set foot in my playlist are close to none, I'd sure like to see them in a live concert in time comes since there's something pretty good going on there. From the darkest of Athens, Greece, comes to us HEAVEN IN BLACK in their first EP, "My Twisted Mind". They are trying hard, and succeed, creating Melodic Death Metal of their own. Not saying it is completely different of all the other bands out there in that genre, but they sure do bring something new.

HEAVEN IN BLACK has been around for a while now. They first started as a cover band named SHADOWCAST, and in '01 they've changed their name to HEAVEN IN BLACK as an attempt to create something original and not covered. In '05, HEAVEN IN BLACK was put on ice because of some band members obligations, and in '11 they came back to give us what they know how to do best. Now, after over 15 years working together, they've released their first EP. Mainly, this EP is a great promise of what will come along next.

The EP is made of only four songs, in which there isn't a big chance to change or evolve, yet somehow they manage to show many of their qualities in just those four songs. There is no Intro part, or an attempt to get the listener to follow with something unclear or hazy. "Order Through Chaos" gets right to it, and seem to give it all in the first song. Of cores that is not the issue here; "No Tomorrow" seems to be even better, darker and harder. This song got stuck in my head for days, and for a good reason I think. The next couple of songs continue in the same direction. All the songs have great guitar lines, and drums that sound a bit different and give the sense of something whole.

The vocals are very professional, and there's a lot of potential to it. All together it seemed as if great effort was invested in those four recordings put together into what we call an EP. The result is nice, and for those of you who enjoy the very melodic Death metal I recommend to keep an eye on those guys and look for what is more to come.

3 Star Rating

1. Order Through Chaos
2. No Tomorrow
3. My Twisted Mind
4. The Skies Are Burning Red
Nick Kefalidis – Vocals
George Barkas – Guitars
Kostas Bourthis - Guitars
Thanasis Vasilakpoulos – Drums
Hlias Gerakaris – Bass
Record Label: Independent


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