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Heaven's Gate – Best For Sale! Award winner

Heaven's Gate
Best For Sale!
by Katarzyna Zakolska at 20 August 2015, 1:49 AM

HEAVEN'S GATE was a Power/Heavy/Speed Metal band from Wolfsburg, Germany. Group existed in years of 1982 to 1999. “Best For Sale!” is a compendium album of their best tracks and it was released on 19th June 2015.

Top mark of this collection, for me, is “He’s The Man” where Folk influences the opening, and then an ethic climate with brilliant rhythmic section and awesome choir in MANOWAR style; very catchy track which dig my mind for a long time. Amazingly clear drumming in “Livin’ In Hysteria” together with unbelievable Heavy Metal vocal and choir make this song a true hit! Fascinating one, “White Evil”, where powerful sounds mix catchy refrain and guitars are lower, a JUDAS PRIEST style.

“In Control”, opening of this album, is truly a kick-ass; with energetic drums and guitars in Heavy Metal style and this vocal… oh yeah – I fell in love, from my first listen! Thomas Rettke has amazing voice with massive strength and diversity. Catchy refrain will force you want it, all the time, cause an urge to listen to this song again and again! 80’s are something hearable in “The Neverending Fire”, where everything is perfectly played, fine choir in warriors style, drums, bass and guitars – all sounds brilliant; guitar solo sounds like an opus, as good as honey and milk.

Guys also created a ballad called “Best Days Of My Life” with gorgeous piano and building atmosphere, yet again totally different sounds and approach in “Path Of Glory”, a feeble style of Heavy Metal. So melodic and great played “Planet Earth” is so interesting, a track you like to listen to. In “Rising Sun” I almost could hear GAMMA RAY echoes in speed and fast rhythms together with heavy and melodic sounds.

Also, worth listening to stuff is: a powerful track “Surrender” with melodic refrain and impressive guitar solo, then “Tyrants” with beautiful riffs; Speed Metal climate in “Flashes”, powerful and also happy play - “The Edge”, melodic kick-ass sounds in “Under Fire” and pounding drums in beautiful Heavy metal climatic track “Gate Of Heaven”.

This complication of German Metallers is totally fantastic, great songs in one box. I highly recommend to every Heavy Metal fan who loves power and melody in music! You all will not be disappointed – fans of HEAVEN'S GATE and other Metalheads too!

4 Star Rating

1. In Control
2. Surrender
3. Tyrants
4. Path Of Glory
5. Livin’ In Hysteria
6. The Neverending Fire
7. Flashes
8. Best Days Of My Life
9. Gate Of Heaven
10. Under Fire
11. White Evil
12. Rising Sun
13. He’s The Man
14. Planet Earth
15. The Edge
16. Noah’s Dream
17. Mastermind
Sascha Paeth - Guitar
Thomas Rettke - Vocal
Manni Jordan - Bass
Bonny Bilski - Guitar
Thorsten Müller - Drums
Record Label: Limb Music


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