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Heaven’s Guardian - Signs

Heaven’s Guardian
by Jess at 13 April 2017, 10:24 AM

HEAVEN’S GAURDIAN is a Melodic Power Metal band hailing from Brazil. They were born in 1997, but only have two previous full-length releases. They are back with their third full-length release “Signs”. With rough male vocals and dramatic and melodic female vocals, “Signs” comes in with ten tracks and a listening time of just over 57 minutes.

The opening track “Religion” comes in, in the likes of a fantasy track and that feeling continues all the way through. The orchestral presence has depth and hardness to it, yet has a Folk-ish undertone. The choir sings in a cryptic style that helps darken the track. Towards the end of the track there is a spoken piece that include wind pieces to ease the listener into what is sure to be an epic adventure.

Time”, track two, we get to hear the Power influence come into play. The guitars are phenomenally done, but better yet is the use of the bass in this track. It is chunky and while not overpowering, completely needed to complete the piece. The male vocals are gritty and gruff and contrast well with the female vocals.

Track four “Journey” is a completely different tone and feel from the first three tracks. There is some synth work that creates an Atmospheric feel. The bass again is integral to the sound of this track, keeping the track deep, but also helps maintain the rhythm. The drums are able to make interesting rhythm changes and the guitar work is really great and the solo at about four minutes is creative and performed expertly. Vocally, the female vocals are far more appeasing in “Journey” versus the contrasting screamed male vocal.

Dream”, track six, brings the harder, more melancholy and cryptic sound back. The drums are heavy as are the guitars. They work nicely in here creating a distinct and crafted sound. The background synth adds some oomph and an additional enigmatic feeling to the over all track. The guitars, midway in, are played with such grace.

Passage”, track eight, starts off low and slow, and then blasts off with the strength of a hundred horses. This track feels like the epic adventure I had in mind for the entire album, wrapped up in a single track. There is speed, there are lulls, and there are masculine and feminine tones. The rhythmic melodies here are worth a mention as well. There is so much here, and it all works beautifully together.

The final track, “Silence” is fast with Atmospheric guitars and synths out the gate. This track feels like the final moments of a battle. The guitars and the bass chug along. Again, the bass has a more powerful role in this track, not overpowering, but definitely noticeable. The guitars are low, helping keep the bass at a front. At about three minutes and forty seconds we have a notable guitar battle and the very end of the track gets the glory of an end melded with the each instrument having full power over the track, yet keeping them from overpowering one another. What a masterful ending to a great album.

Screaming and gritty male vocals have never really been a type I prefer, but these do contrast well with the female vocals which create a somewhat balanced approach to the female and male companion bands. The music however, is creative, original, and played masterfully. HEAVEN’S GAURDIAN created a quality album with “Signs” and is appealing to those who enjoy a Gothic Power Metal that melds with Melodic Metal.

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 8
Memorability: 7
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. Religion
2. Time
3. Strength
4. Journey
5. Fantasy
6. Dream
7. Change
8. Passage
9. War
10. Silence
Olivia Bayer – Vocals
Flávio Mendez – Vocals
Luiz Maurício – Guitars
Ericsson Marin – Guitars
Everton Marin – Keyboards
Murilo Ramos – Bass
Arthur Albuquerque - Drums
Record Label: Megahard Records


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